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If the liver appears normal and the liver enzymes are normal, then the disease is inactive, and there's no reason to treat.
Chucking those enzymes into the mixture should make a significant difference.
Those enzymes work with microorganisms in the bug's gut.
Complicated chemicals are created from simple building blocks by a series of enzymes.
He was scheduled for an annual checkup the next day, and he learned from a blood test that his liver enzymes were elevated.
Second, some bacteria produce enzymes that can destroy antibiotics before they can work.
The reddish leaves curl into tubes that lure insects that fall into digestive enzymes in the bottom, feeding the plant.
The new drugs work by stimulating enzymes that regulate the function of mitochondria.
Other types of artificial livers filter the blood with chemicals, enzymes or charcoal.
Bacteria do not make restriction enzymes out of the goodness of their hearts, nor to help catch criminals, of course.
The robot eventually identified the genes that code for enzymes involved in yeast metabolism-a scientific first for a robot.
Hydrogen sulfide can stick to the metal ions which sit at the core of many important enzymes in our bodies.
Patients who take these drugs should have their liver enzymes checked regularly.
Scour the world for suitable enzymes that speed up the whole process and deliver the molecular features being sought.
But going from there to proteins and enzymes is a different matter.
Thus refreshed, it found that crippling some enzymes could make yeast grow faster.
Hadley said the enzymes were injected into the drain lines and grease traps in kitchens.
Now that the basic technique is free to use, many people expect the price of the equipment and enzymes involved to decline.
Enzymes called nucleases can destroy the stringy substance within minutes.
These are liver enzymes and are markers for liver damage.
Small compounds can diffuse through the gut-wall into the bloodstream without being destroyed by digestive enzymes.
The plant secretes enzymes to basically liquefy the bugs and eat them.
Finally, the muscle is dissolved with digestive enzymes.
But the enzymes that govern biochemistry are such precise tools that, often, only one-handedness is acceptable.
The corals' enzymes cause the algae to leak carbohydrates.
Translation is controlled by various enzymes that recognize specific nucleotide sequences.
There are a few companies that claim they have these magic enzymes.
It is caused by low levels of some bilirubin-processing enzymes in the liver.
But the body has a suite of powerful enzymes which act as molecular police to keep these radicals in check.
These plants attract and trap prey-usually insects-and then break them down with digestive enzymes.
As the dose of the antibiotic increased, the team reports, the proteins became less resistant to degradation by enzymes.
Later, the bananas are brought back up to a temperature and humidity that let the enzymes become active again.
The organism uses a surprisingly small number of genes to produce its cellulose-munching enzymes.
Other alpha amylase enzymes are already used in food processing.
One consequence of this is the synthesis of different proteins and enzymes.
Chemical reactions important for technology can be done by simple strings of enzymes in a vat, without the reproducing ability.
Digestive enzymes are produced in the pancreas and released to the small intestine as a package.
In the skin treated with tretinoin, levels of destructive enzymes were far lower.
Restriction enzymes cut what is being tested in precisely defined and predictable places.
In their raw form, starches are not readily broken down by the enzymes in the human body.
Secretin normally causes the pancreas to release a fluid containing digestive enzymes.
The hydrolysis of cellulose is made via several enzymes named cellulases.
Brady began his clinical tests seven years ago, using enzymes derived from human placentas.
Other people have speedy liver enzymes that swiftly destroy drugs.
Protease inhibitors work by disabling native protease enzymes.
Enzymes break the larger fat molecules into smaller ones.
Perhaps the others lacked the liver enzymes that quickly destroy the drug.
The pancreas is an organ in the abdomen that makes several enzymes and hormones, including the hormone insulin.
The fat is mixed with enzymes and centrifuged, then the precipitated cells are centrifuged again.
Levine was skeptical of explanations that held that insulin needed to enter the cell to turn on enzymes there.
Current techniques use costly enzymes or highly concentrated acids that are difficult to handle.
People with a urea cycle disorder are missing a gene that makes the enzymes needed to break down ammonia in the body.
Enzymes in their digestive system break down the flesh of the fruit before the animals expel the bean.
High-fructose corn syrup is corn syrup treated with amylase and other enzymes, which together help convert glucose into fructose.
And all cells have enzymes called isomerases, which flip certain molecules into their mirror versions.
Many mammals have enzymes in their digestive tract that detoxify plants that would otherwise be harmful.
In people with effective enzymes, nicotine vanishes rapidly, so they need another cigarette soon.
Turning it into ethanol requires expensive enzymes, but much research is under way to make the process cheaper.
Their digestive enzymes ferment the beans and break down the proteins.
Other nudibranchs rely on enzymes, rather than teeth, to break down prey.
The pancreas secretes enzymes that break down foods into their basic building blocks.
Quantum tunneling has also been observed in enzymes, the proteins that facilitate molecular reactions within cells.
The drug interferes with three enzymes that these cancer cells need.
Compared with fast-growing bacteria, yeast do a poor job of producing enzymes.
Either birds have enzymes that combat oxidation better than mammalian enzymes do, or they produce fewer oxygen radicals.
The surface of this material has been chemically modified so that the enzymes attach securely.
The device uses enzymes to harvest energy from glucose and oxygen found naturally in the body.
But he adds that in-plant production of enzymes comes with its own challenges.
Enzymes catalyze a wide range of chemical reactions.
These bacteria soon burst open, spilling out enzymes and new phages.
The deep pockets are where enzymes receive and bind to other molecules.
The bees collect nectar from plants in their mouths, which mixes with enzymes in their saliva that turns it into honey.
For stubborn stains, try washing in a product with enzymes or oxygen bleach.
However, not all enzymes and redox mediators lend themselves well to such bonding.
Engineered enzymes make drug candidates that flummox chemists.
Two enzymes in the neurons activate proteins called transcription factors that turn on genes.
We also have new means of activating and deactivating enzymes, the workhorses of biology.
Other proteins are enzymes that modify other chemicals.
Fructose and glucose are readily interchangeable thanks to enzymes in our cytoplasm.
Enzymes used to amplify the genetic code broke down when they were heated.
Saliva contains enzymes that begin the digestion process, and help cleanse the mouth by washing away bacteria and food particles.
It makes and releases enzymes into the intestines that help the body absorb foods, especially fats.
Patients with porphyria have a deficiency of certain enzymes needed for this process.
The main warning sign is high blood levels of liver enzymes, which require immediate administration of calories.
The drug targets a number of enzymes that play a role in how cancer cells increase.
Enzymes are important because they act as biological catalysts.
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