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They are green with envy.
Their favorite trip is to a neighborhood soft drink stand, and they are the envy of their friends.
People enjoy their jobs for different reasons, but there's something about these dream jobs that we all envy.
It is the kind of discussion that lends credence to argument, and assault, based in anxiety and envy.
The tensions between the sisters, who envy each other's lives, escalate over a nine-month period.
Modern technology makes long-distance relationships viable in ways previous generations can only envy.
Many of the entries focus on writers and the theme of literary envy.
He is the envy of all the other chimps in the rain forest.
Stop letting greed and envy drive policy.
The American university system is the envy of the world.
If you can withstand yacht envy, stroll the docks afterward and drool over the costly boats.
Our immigration department and borders are busting at the seams, our standard of living is the envy of the world.
And he had another gift that was the envy of us all.
Spiders' silk has been the envy of materials engineers for decades.
Those kinds of distinctions are often based on envy and vanity more than marginal comfort or real benefit.
Accusations fueled by envy and greed were routinely tossed around.
The politics of envy, as explained by the likely nominee.
Jobs created objects of prestige that induced envy because they could change your everyday life.
Such is the prevailing level of mistrust that quick flashes of envy or suspicion can fuel homicide.
Within ten years, they had built an inventory software system that was the envy of the industry.
Then again, that suburban envy was cultivated in a era of cheap gasoline.
With factories humming and domestic spending low, they exported their way to growth that the developed world could only envy.
So here's a low-cost plan, even if it won't win envy points at the country club.
Few envy the consideration enjoyed by the oldest inhabitant.
Professional dancers will envy the graceful extension and form of the duets.
And think of the shutterbug envy you'll generate from toting one of these babies.
Electricity was inexpensive and abundant, and the system's reliability was the envy of the world.
Even if intense envy is gnawing at your ex-colleague's heart, excluding him from the invite list could make the situation worse.
The announcement was met with disbelief and envy from the music industry and game companies alike.
They do things that ski mortals envy and would never try to duplicate.
She also is a skilled fundraiser with an extremely savvy campaign organization that is the envy of many in the political world.
Who loves the golden mean is safe from the poverty of a tenement, is free from the envy of a palace.
She was warned against him, but she paid no heed, attributing it all to the envy of her counsellors.
Given this myth, it's easy to understand why so many professors who are also parents hear so much faculty-envy.
Maybe he lacked testicles and was projecting his envy onto your breasts.
Feel same old lurid sense of combined envy and resentment rise in throat.
Academic envy not only involves salary but power and even people.
Clearly, those social scientists are acting on their physics envy.
They could range from delighted acceptance to annoyance to envy to anger.
With monstrous hidden envy for the real doers and for their achievements in real civilization, science, humanities.
These books have made him a fixture on the best-seller list and the envy of his peers-if he has any.
Others resented his family for the modern reason, economic envy.
However, despite this article's headline, the system is nothing to envy.
And for as long as they have had them, these groups have aroused in others a mix of envy and resentment.
So the envy test, you would think, must involve justified envy.
In addition to awe and envy, its rise has spawned a rapidly growing list of trade quarrels.
However sound the economic reasoning behind nuclear energy, their sudden interest in getting it is also prompted by fear and envy.
Its profitability is the envy of its rivals and it has capital to spare for expansion.
He throws glamorous, exclusive parties and excites admiration and envy.
There are people who are so gifted that they are beyond envy.
They may not have lives you envy, but they live them without complaint.
Off the beaten track, maybe, but definitely worth it for being permanently cleansed of the sin of envy.
We told several locals about this, and their eyes grew wide with envy.
The best defense against envy is to become the envied.
Their new results firmly show that monkeys can indeed spot unjust deals and respond with envy and apathy.
Here the supposed spur is not envy but lust for publicity.
Meanwhile, major designers have failed to express fear or envy.
Apple's designs are now the stuff of legend--and the object of fascination and envy.
We have state of the art launch systems that are the envy of the world.
Because the president cannot run on his record, he has regrettably turned to the politics of envy and division.
It built infrastructure that was the envy of the rest of the world.
There's a real culture of envy here and there's a feeling in the air that if you have a lot you somehow have to justify it.
Squirts probably don't need any more reasons to envy their longer-limbed neighbors.
She commands a level of respect that even veteran teachers envy.
The movement's ideology seems to be equal parts fear, envy and self- contempt.

Famous quotes containing the word envy

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