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As a good mental exercise try to envision money as deleted from a mental image of the problem.
But eventually they become completely invested in the profession, unable to envision themselves doing anything else.
But spaceport proponents envision a world destination bustling with space tourists and frequent rocket launches.
It empowered him to call this world into question and to envision another.
Have students ask their parents how they envision each family member's territory at home.
Tellingly, not only can he not recall the past, he can't envision the future.
The two designers envision a production facility on every desktop.
We can envision various sabbatical scenarios that would not justify deduction of travel expenses.
Many still envision them as loners toiling in their garrets, perhaps with a nasty cough.
The company does not envision users plunking quarters into the device, however.
Most of us probably envision our courses as helping students acquire both knowledge and skills.
It's harder to envision a commodity vendor such as a gas station making money with this concept.
The hotel lover in me begins to envision possibilities.
Maybe when we've made further advances in solar cells would the lot you envision be able to provide it's own power.
Envision the wiki's purpose if you're setting one up or administrating one.
But the reality is, the kind of imagination necessary to really envision a working society without those programs is rare.
So it is difficult to envision nationalism thriving.
Your users can only envision what they already have.
Say you want to be a furniture designer and envision the future on casters.
Going forward, space-travel entrepreneurs envision two principal scenarios for public space treks.
Actually, the sort of meetings you envision do take place on a fairly regular bases.
We have only begun to envision a world where mythological beliefs are unnecessary.
They must envision the unknown and make it knowable, and their stories can live or die on the strength of their creatures.
We envision improved measurement of phenotype as the underlying basis for the next generation of medical progress.
One kind of poverty is that of the imagination--the inability to envision a future truly different from the present.
His clothes were so loose on him that she could not envision the shape of his body.
He can already envision the medical bills stretching out over the years, infinitely.
He began to envision coconuts as haystacks, ribeye beef joints as mountains and fortune cookies as folded rugs.
There are two ways for a filmmaker to envision a staircase.
One can envision the misunderstandings and awkward situations that this fledgling technology might produce.
True innovation means using your imagination, exercising the capacity to envision new possibilities.
While it's definitely not the first place you're likely to think of when you envision a big snorkeling adventure.
Automakers envision electric cars as a solution to gas price jumps.
But he could envision a way in which the fish could have evolved in a series of steps.
Right now it may be impossible for anyone to envision their beginning or their end or an existence without end.
That's disappointing if you're trying to envision a useful human vaccine.
They have somehow succeeded in making our freedoms all the more tenuous and more a model for the way of life they envision.
Advocates envision a digital system that can make energy-saving adjustments to power flow.
Others envision space planes handling a variety of tasks from rapid package delivery to suborbital microgravity experiments.
But where some see only wine, others envision upscale hotels and throngs of tourists wining and dining.
It is easy to envision galaxies moving apart as a result of an initial explosion.
Capitalism never seems to work out the way environmentalists envision.
All of them are heavy-hitters in their own right, which made it easier for me to envision myself as a scientist and professor.
Between such marksmen and full-on snipers, some people now envision an infantry consisting entirely of sharpshooters.
Most of us can envision natural selection tweaking a simple trait-making an animal furrier, for example, or its neck longer.
It's difficult to envision how those who were extricated from the fiery heap survived.
It was really a form of helping people to envision the news in their mind's eye.

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The heroes of the world community are not those who withdraw when difficulties ensue, not those who can envisionmore
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