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Example sentences for envisage

In time, however, its leaders envisage full nationhood.
Try as one might, this perfect, antiseptic world some people envisage is unattainable.
The missile-defence scheme remains in its infancy, and is likely to cost more than current plans envisage.
Maybe she's not quite the pioneer or paragon you envisage her to be.
They envisage a series of qualifying regattas, leading up to the finals, either annually or every two years.
Scientists envisage unmanned labs on the floor of the ocean to conduct experiments and monitor climate change.
It's easy for us to envisage tired workers suffering a momentary lapse of attention.
For the moment, he does not envisage reducing the number of overall seats, fearing it would be too controversial.
It is possible to envisage things other than acceleration of celestial bodies to account for redshift eg.
Nor did he envisage his acceptance of the deanship as a turncoat act the other way.
The book has sometimes had an influence in ways that he did not at first envisage.
They envisage an expansion of road-building in the forest, as well as some big hydroelectric projects.
One can envisage a scenario where an ex-con stands for election on a pro-prisoner platform.
Let's try to envisage a glimmer of light somewhere on the horizon.
The kind of use you envisage for your kitchen obviously influences the needed features.
Readers now have enough material from both authors to envisage the possible future range and command of a life's work.
Still, such anxiety as he may have felt about the relationship does not envisage a crisis in it.
Most reform proposals to date, however, still envisage a permanent federal backstop.
Apart from the fact that one cannot even envisage what question the voters should be asked.

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