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The health effects of poor quality coal can cause numerous respiratory issues in environs near a coal plant.
Such can be perpetrated in families and/or derelict social environs.
Most of my peers in the suburban environs were probably eligible.
With its local merchants frantically ringing up their cash registers as hordes of tourists invaded their environs.
Capybaras are physically well adjusted to their watery environs.
Today the city and its environs appear to be a post-poppy success story.
Elk are frequently seen in the town's environs, and visitors can hike, rock climb and kayak in the area.
The spooky precincts of the villains are, as usual, more fun than the wholesome environs.
The brown, dusty environs look familiar and not, dotted with abandoned cars and the occasional corpse.
Call quality was impressive, and voices rang true even in noisy environs.
Now new evidence suggests that they may have even taken advantage of their watery environs.
Many paranormal events in supposedly haunted environs report the same things happening over and over again.
They both, through environmental stressors and genetic changes adapted to their respective environs.
He has already spent twenty million dollars on revitalizing the park and its environs.
The four categories are buildings and their environs, public places, historic preservation and public art.
There are things to do and see in the community and environs, but obviously it is not being gotten across effectively.

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People who have realized that this is a dream imagine that it is easy to wake up, and are angry with those who continue ... more
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