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Easy tips for how to use more environmentally friendly fertilizers, harvest rainwater, and keep up with your composting.
The challenge remains to find ever more efficient and less environmentally harmful ways to feed the world.
While the process may control locusts, it also introduces large amounts of environmentally harmful pesticides.
Others are being farmed in ways that are not environmentally friendly.
Several alternatives are more environmentally friendly and safer for your family.
Made of environmentally friendly hemp and cotton that has been treated for water resistance.
Environmentally friendly, recycled materials are often of better quality than new materials, and use less energy.
Find an amazing beach retreat with this list of the top destinations for environmentally conscious travelers.
If you've decided upon shingles as opposed to tiles or metal, choose the environmentally-friendly option that suits your climate.
But extracting the resource from this unique geological formation is costly-both economically, and environmentally.
The hunt for more oil is politically dangerous and expensive, and can be environmentally ruinous.
Look for other, more environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity.
Cities will get bigger, of course, and suburbs will grow but will need to become more environmentally sustainable.
Your can get an environmentally friendly car and an environmentally friendly washing machine.
Thanks for this article, presenting healthier and more environmentally-friendly alternatives.
Attempting to make greenhouses more environmentally friendly by cutting down on their energy use.
Population increase is more environmentally damaging than any other phenomenon.
In some cases, he even can find a more environmentally friendly drug, all with a click of his mouse.
The findings may hold the key to developing new, environmentally friendly insect repellents.
It is up to humans to start using environmentally friendly technology before global warming becomes to serious.
Learn how to find the environmentally conscious social gatherings in your area.
They're not talking about ethanol from corn, however, which has already proved wasteful and environmentally damaging.
There seems to be a general commercial lobby which sets out to make anything environmentally friendly uneconomic.
Of course, it must be accessed in responsible and environmentally conscience ways.
The argument over whether intelligence is innate or environmentally influenced has raged for more than a century.
At first glance, rice production--a practice that is several thousand years old--might seem environmentally sound.
The challenge is to generate the electricity to power the compressors in an environmentally friendly way.
But now the spill has raised questions about whether this longstanding agricultural practice is environmentally sound.
Discovering an economical and environmentally cleaner alternative to fossil fuel.
Lawn loves the lawn service's chemicals and my environmentally destructive gas-powered lawnmower.
Extraction is toxic, environmentally destructive and energy-intensive.
The material also happens to be cheap, environmentally benign, and has a high energy density.
Thus, you carry filtered water in a reusable bottle, not environmentally catastrophic bottled water.
Lifestyle changes and environmentally pitched products and services.
More stores are building environmentally friendly outlets, as a way to curry favor with consumers and to lower operating costs.
Organize your home or office with an environmentally friendly cleaning service.
Charging families for each bag of rubbish they produce seems environmentally sound and economically sensible.
But in these environmentally conscious times it has been climbing the rankings.
It argues that modern agriculture produces food that is tasteless, nutritionally inadequate and environmentally disastrous.
That's a popular view among environmentally minded travellers.
The bonus was that the mixture was capable of being plated and in a way that was more environmentally friendly.
There is no sense dividing the world into two categories, environmentally sound and unsound.
The choice of fuel depends on how environmentally correct the customer wishes to be.
But it is rarely sustainable financially, let alone environmentally.
Such programmes may enhance customer loyalty, particularly among environmentally conscious consumers.
At national level, however, environmentally-related taxes in many countries have fallen.
The reduction of environmentally harmful subsidies is more essential than ever.
Anyway, one-time wash set is obviously not environmentally friendly.
Firstly, the fuel source must be environmentally sustainable and not compete with existing food resources.
It means moving traffic away from environmentally sensitive areas and toward lifts.
Both merely examine prevailing methods for raising beef and conclude that these methods are environmentally damaging.
And it is getting greener, both environmentally and literally.
There's a real and increasing demand for sustainable seafood among environmentally conscious eaters, even during a recession.
The convention center is the first environmentally friendly facility of its kind in the world.
Instead, there are environmentally friendly options.
Extravagance and environmentally friendly practices can co-exist in hotels.
It is almost exclusively farm-raised and an environmentally sound choice.
The trick is to get it out of the ground economically and efficiently and to do it in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Reduced chlorophyl algy may be environmentally safe.
But the company cannot use the processes used in the mine's heyday: they're both economically and environmentally unsustainable.
Coal and oil powerplants burn much more efficiently and are more environmentally friendly than gas powered cars.
Something we're really interested in, too, is environmentally friendly approaches.
It is an artful, wonderful, environmentally correct bottle.
They will allow the state to move rapidly toward a low-cost, secure, environmentally.
Dave's research team is investigating the sol-gel's potential as an environmentally regulated drug delivery vehicle.
Hydro power is every bit as environmentally devastating as coal burners.
Most people would say they are environmentally conscientious.
For sure, let's develop domestic resources in an environmentally responsible way.
Not to mention that any organism that might manage to have rode along would be environmentally challenged, to put it mildly.
Height is inherited but it also adjusts environmentally over generations.
In effect, regulatory elements introduce the possibility of environmentally modulated if-then clauses.
Then imagine how fuel efficient and environmentally kind this car would be.
Vote with your wallet and research which companies are making efforts to be environmentally-friendly, and support them.
The investment needed to provide environmentally sustainable development, as it's called, is small potatoes by comparison.
But there he is up there lecturing all of us how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
Economically higher and better at today's prices, not environmentally higher and better in the long run.
The taste is great, but perhaps not so environmentally friendly.
There are many ways you can make your yard more environmentally-friendly.
Plug-in electric vehicles represent a new direction for environmentally friendly transportation.
Not tacky enough, mind you, to keep the frugal and environmentally conscious from buying it.
Of the two, electricity is generally more expensive, less environmentally friendly.
Here are a few more paths to an environmentally correct afterlife.
It's about time someone tried to make growth environmentally and economically sustainable.
Chalk up another victory for environmentally and socially responsible finance.

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