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In this uncertain environment one crucial instrument of unity and stability was the newly introduced, compulsory education system.
One way to save fuel and be kinder to the environment is to drive a smaller car.
The roundtable discussion emphasized the relationship between democracy and an open research environment.
It is interesting to note how this change of environment altered not merely his point of view, but even his literary style.
The commitment to the environment is evident all across campus.
That plastic can be bad for us and bad for the environment.
Capitalism is at its liberating best in a noncapitalist environment.
All life-forms live because of their ability to adapt to their environment.
In spring, it provides an ideal environment for hardening off annual flower and vegetable seedlings started indoors.
Increased temperatures result in more air-conditioning and electricity usage, which is harmful to the environment.
But his speech will be completely at variance with the speech of his native environment.
In their pursuit of perfection they required an ampler environment.
In that sort of environment even a big theropod would constantly have been looking over its shoulder.
The environment is the better answer to who is your enemy because it's the better criticism and suggestion.
After that, the two researchers will be able to look at how these populations evolve yet again as the environment is cleaned up.
We designed games by starting with a geopolitical situation and crafting an environment that breeds heroes.
It can be personalized for each user and their environment.
It was recorded in a noise pollution-free environment.
But the humor does not negate the poverty-stricken environment or complex relationships.
We then let the robot roam freely, with the goal of capturing stories about its environment.
Richer countries can afford to borrow more--but in the current environment, richer countries have already borrowed quite a lot.
In a less abstract sense, uncertainty creates an environment in which it is impossible to plan and conduct business.
Once in the environment, it takes months to hundreds of years for plastic bags to breakdown.
Deforestation has many negative effects on the environment.
Some reports suggest the sturgeon may already be adapting to its changing environment.
But that may put an added strain on the environment, experts say.
The chemical building blocks that make plastics so versatile are the same components that might harm people and the environment.
The long-term goal is to print a functioning spacecraft in a seemingly weightless environment.
Space is a harsh environment that affects the body in many ways.
The less-acidic environment that results becomes a better host for other methanogens.
The boom of fertilizer, long injudiciously applied, has come at a high price for the environment.
Better design of the urban environment could create more pedestrians.
Organisms are selected by the environment and successful selections are amplified by reproduction.
Colleges and universities already compete for students in a market environment.
Promote and support and environment that's focused on teaching and student learning.
The clinical mission of the medical campus was not the only unfamiliar aspect of my new work environment.
They cover faculty research activity, student support and outcomes, and diversity of the program environment.
Some people can take advantage of the virtual environment to improve themselves.
In an aquatic environment, the worm can find a mate and reproduce.
Salmon farming has received its share of criticism for being detrimental to the environment.
People who live in a region often know a lot about its environment.
The background environment throughout the photo spread is shabby.
The conscious mind gives us one way of making sense of our environment.
Moreover, in a rapidly changing political environment, previous polls do not necessarily accurately predict future sentiment.
Freedom of thought, in a peaceful and economically benign environment, enjoyed with devoted friends.
It's a paranoia-rich environment out there and they are fairly spoiled with choices.
If stars are a bit unnerved by the current environment, so are their handlers.
The human brain evolved over hundreds of thousands of years in an environment defined by scarcity.
The environment was more salubrious, with nutritious food available from their crops and cows.
Physically small and weak, economically dependent upon others, they cannot control their environment.
Companies decline rapidly in the fast-changing environment of electronic technology.
The importance of the environment in computation is an idea that some roboticists are beginning to get to grips with.
Because the vast majority of these organisms cannot grow outside their host environment, they have been difficult to study.
Cheaper metals simply can't withstand the harsh acidic environment of the fuel cell.
Its surface is chemically treated to snag molecules of the target substance from the surrounding environment.
The laws of physics apply even in todays stilted idealistic environment.
But developing a multipurpose robot for the elderly hasn't been easy because the home environment is so unpredictable.
It will give them new mobility and flexibility on the lunar surface while still protecting them from its harsh environment.
Neutral atoms are easy to isolate from their environment and so may turn out to be useful for quantum computing.
The term has faded from public consciousness-but not the environment.
Heritability is also specific to a particular population in a particular environment.
The second mutation affected cell growth and division and the third affected the cell's environment.
Energy innovations and solutions for a sustainable urban environment.
It's wasteful, it's bad for the environment and it's bad for the soul.
Cut flowers prefer a cool, humid environment and should be kept out of bright light and away from heating vents.
Everything is in a more horizontal environment, and that puts more focus on the people.
Some worry about the potential strain on the environment.
Concertgoers praised the proximity between stages, relaxed environment and uncluttered room.
School environment refers to the extent to which school settings promote student safety and student health.
Designing a highway that is safe and has a minimal impact on its surrounding environment can be a difficult task for engineers.
Variations and changes in climate can affect many elements of human society and the environment.

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