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My opinion is that entropy explains the state of my house.
Physics tells us energy is conserved, but entropy increases.
Scientists may recall in this connection the second principle of thermodynamics — the law of growing entropy.
Life tries to push entropy in the opposite direction.
This time of year, I nearly come to terms with entropy.
All systems are in a state of entropy and disintegration.
Even before the strike, the country had entered an advanced state of entropy.
At each stage of development, humans ask the mighty machine if it knows how to reverse entropy.
Some go as far as to say that's what life does: surf on entropy.
The second holds that the default direction of everything is toward entropy.
They are numb to others and to themselves, resigned both to entropy and to absence, which they manifest in sensational ways.
Or they do nothing, and let entropy take its course.
By the same token, chaos and entropy add plenty of margin for error between concept and execution.
With wind turbines, however, the energy losses do not stop with the inexorable effects of entropy.
Then there is the question of entropy and its handmaiden disorder.
The second law of thermodynamics says that entropy is always increasing.
If you cut time down into small pieces, smaller that seconds until you can't cut any more you get gravity and entropy.
Actually this is the core of the human nature: to be reversed process of the thermodynamic entropy.
But there are still some cops who won't give in to the entropy.
Such talk was partly the bravado of engineers who recognize that everything in the universe ends in entropy and disarray.
The entropy is an estimate of the amount of information needed to specify the state of the system.
Considerations around energy, entropy, irreversibility and out-of equilibrium might be correct but are not too relevant.
Everybody's favorite is the concept of entropy, a measure of disorder in thermodynamics.
Studies of the efficiency with which steam engines turn heat into mechanically useful motion led to the concept of entropy.
Entropy in a closed system cannot decrease, so any change in the system moves it towards a state of higher entropy.
The atmosphere of the time was a dark cloud of depression and entropy.
Low entropy corresponds to something delicately tuned, so that's why it's easy for entropy to go up.
The problem of endlessly increasing entropy is resolved since each causal patch contracts essentially empty of matter and entropy.
It is then placed into momentary thermal contact with a heat sink, which absorbs any heat and entropy that the polymer has.
To understand you have to know entropy and how time is the change of entropy.
Yet entropy, the tendency of isolated systems to become more disordered, imposes a bias.
Entropy is a property of all systems, yet there is no way to unambiguously define the entropy of a system.
It is the ripples of the first bang flowing according to the law of entropy.
The ultimate purpose of all life is to increase entropy.
In other words: entropy exists only in the particular energy-potential of a particular element of an open system.
Finally, it was nature that imposed upon us the welcome remedy: entropy.
If energy is inputted into a system its open and entropy has to wait for its turn to cause the downhill slide.
Physicists use the term entropy to describe how far a system is from equilibrium.
Entropy suggests that nature will find its own level or natural state.
But note please that entropy increases in whatever system is used to apply the work to compress the gas in the cylinder.
The system has lost entropy, but without expending any energy, creating a seeming violation of the second law of thermodynamics.
With infinite space in infinite universes, there are no bounds on entropy.
The quantum vacuum of the universe goes from great complexity to great simplicity, as the entropy of the universe increases.
Any living creature seems to have lower entropy than it's surroundings.
It is know that entropy is zero when a pure crystalline substance is at absolute zero.

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