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But, the owners say, this adventure in entrepreneurship was never completely about making money.
Grants to support courses and programs in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Moreover, there are signs that the chaebol may be stifling innovation and entrepreneurship.
First, the barrier to entrepreneurship was decreasing, meaning it was becoming easier to start a company and secure funding.
Entrepreneurship and innovation, of course, are not the same thing.
In this lesson, students reflect on the entrepreneurship and innovative spirit of their generation.
We will encourage and reward innovation and entrepreneurship.
He believes that moral values translate into entrepreneurship and technological development.
There is a long history of promoting entrepreneurship among youths in this country.
Related professional experience in owning, operating a business and experience teaching entrepreneurship courses desirable.
However, so far the enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship has run ahead of its effects.
Entrepreneurship depends highly on situations and also depends a lot on your upbringing.
However, this argument both idealizes entrepreneurship and belittles academic scholarship.
If such standards included entrepreneurship and creativity, current tests would measure those aspects equally well.
The notion of sparking entrepreneurship may appear to make sense.
What you do with it, what actions you take is the arena of entrepreneurship.
He is designing a university-level course on social entrepreneurship.
In the city's quieter neighborhoods, entrepreneurship often spills over into residential streets.
Our current system is a travesty for true entrepreneurship.
He meant it, and he left politics for a life of entrepreneurship and good works.
True, entrepreneurship is needed to keep the economy running and innovative, but it's not enough.
But the one place it is surely not true is in the developing world, which requires more entrepreneurship, not less.
They also provide an alternative society in which their courage, toughness, and entrepreneurship are valued.
Entrepreneurship is reshaping the voluntary sector as much as the private one.
There is also a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship.
However, its reputation is growing, particularly in entrepreneurship.
It has close links with industry and an especially strong position in entrepreneurship.
Strengths: general management, strategy, entrepreneurship.
Strengths: general management, leadership, entrepreneurship.
Technology is shattering barriers to entry in many industries and entrepreneurship is flourishing.
Innovations toward a global society through social entrepreneurship.
The ability of countries to integrate immigrants translates into higher rates of entrepreneurship as well.
Here are seven ideas to boost entrepreneurship and help creative people move from starting a company to building a company.
The money is then dispersed through pervasive patronage networks, with little going into entrepreneurship or economic development.
The theory was you go to business school to learn entrepreneurship.
Innovation, the successful transformation of an idea into breakthrough customer value, requires creativity and entrepreneurship.
IT-based entrepreneurship isn't the only potential technological driver of new jobs.
Most importantly, entrepreneurship is a road to financial freedom.
It doesn't point the way to better race relations, reduced violence or increased entrepreneurship.
And entrepreneurship now functions as a safety net for this generation.
Moreover, tourism offers a cheap crash course in entrepreneurship.

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