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Or your brilliant success as an entrepreneur if you're applying to a business school.
Nevertheless, the entrepreneur has continued to rule our economy with a firm hand.
It wasn't until 1991 when an investment banker turned entrepreneur opened the state's first brew pub in downtown Hartford.
Sarah is an impeccably urban coffee shop entrepreneur and buddy.
In many cases, the lines between artist and entrepreneur were clear.
I've been an executive and an entrepreneur.
He is also an entrepreneur with a hand in multiple businesses.
He does not look at all elderly, so he could not have been an entrepreneur for long prior.
When government funds are available your basic entrepreneur will suddenly become interested in providing education.
Any disruption is both a difficulty for established firms, and an opportunity for the entrepreneur.
Brill, a journalist and entrepreneur, portrays the leaders of today's reform movement as heroes.
Over the years, he has tended to view himself more as a craftsman than an entrepreneur.
Great hiring is a skill, one that frequently is not the strong suit of the typical entrepreneur.
But not every entrepreneur had such a self-similar network of friends.
The two had met a couple of years earlier in an entrepreneur club on campus.
The key is that although a successful entrepreneur takes risks, those risks are measured.
At first he tried his hand as an entrepreneur, having identified what he thought was a need in the community.
The music promoter turned digital entrepreneur ought to know.
Such sites transform every employee into an entrepreneur and facilitate all sorts of connections.
Overnight, every entrepreneur had a new one-word pitch to venture capitalists: advertising.
One entrepreneur tried to swap his sewing machines for handsets.
The entrepreneur's hall of fame is full of teenage flakes and college dropouts.
But its humble beginnings offer lessons for any entrepreneur.
The entrepreneur community told us that too many are leaving because our visa system didn't work well for them.
The entry costs for starting a concession stand are possibly the lowest that any entrepreneur will encounter.

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