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But this wouldn't solve the entrenched problems of agriculture.
E-Books are becoming pretty firmly entrenched around our house.
The long dictatorship, too entrenched to be ousted, is gone.
Their protection of entrenched interests makes change virtually impossible.
Many in the online gambling industry think it inevitable, but opposition seems entrenched.
The main limiting factor is entrenched interests, not technology or wind availability.
The entrenched players are still struggling to catch up.
They side with the entrenched one, not with the outsider.
Cynicism about the regime's intentions is so entrenched that few observers see this as more than an optical illusion.
My funding and my livelihood are not entrenched in global warming.
Books have always been an escape to another place, a spur to thought and a challenge to entrenched patterns.
Success is in large part dependent on the comprehension and observance of entrenched protocols.
But more must be done to stop high joblessness becoming entrenched.
It is disgusting that such bigotry was so entrenched in even the north in those days.
The next step will be for this mathematical tool to prove itself in the entrenched world of standards committees.
The difficulty arises because downgrades are particularly salient, entrenched in law and practice.
Quite the contrary, it appears your beliefs became more deeply entrenched.
There are examples throughout history where medical practices were entrenched in ignorance.
Computations and simulations have been deeply entrenched in automotive design for years.
But they will struggle to change entrenched social customs.
Many participants are so deeply entrenched in their point of view they don't discuss they argue.
Eager investors want more, but entrenched managers seem disinclined to let them have it.
It will take time for those who have entrenched positions to have the nerve to admit perhaps they may have been wrong.
Our planet is now firmly entrenched in the sixth extinction.
The home-field advantage is more entrenched in soccer than in perhaps any other sport.
But with technological sophistication, they pose a more serious threat to entrenched powers.
The behemoths have screamed, a sign of how entrenched they really are.
But the unions' influence also owes much to an entrenched statutory role.
And it became so deeply entrenched-and was making people so much money-that warnings about its limitations were largely ignored.
Doctors fear that dangerous bacteria may become entrenched in hospitals.
Almost three years late to the tablet market, where the players are successfully entrenched.
It was the well-entrenched and subsidized fossil fuel industry that directed our energy policy and still does.
According to the entrenched science, the diet should produce the opposite results from what it does.
Growing algae in the ocean has no lobbying by entrenched energy industries.
Federal subsidies provide enormous support to entrenched energy sources.
And admittedly, this is a subject where feelings can be pretty entrenched.
They are so entrenched in their positions they brook no questions, and are immune to new data.
He is now firmly entrenched on the right, and is a fierce critic of left intellectuals.
But it would be equally irresponsible to suggest that those at the helm do not possess entrenched power.
Our car-dominant infrastructure is more entrenched than ever.
Some of the things you're talking about are deeply entrenched in our culture.
Here is a land consecrated to democracy but run by an entrenched plutocracy.
The major labels and their artists are fully entrenched in the business.
Paradoxically, after such a bold start, he has for some become an embodiment of the entrenched music director who has lost touch.
Experts point out that ducking taxes is part of a broader culture of bribery and corruption that is deeply entrenched.
The government has also sought to tackle entrenched monopolies such as the trucking industry.
Once the recovery is entrenched this fiscal deterioration will need to be tackled.
Yet if foreigners and peacekeepers do not withdraw, a culture of dependence will become entrenched.
These problems may be entrenched, but they are superable.
Schemes for unemployment insurance and training also need attention, so that high joblessness does not become entrenched.
And despite the admirable advances of democracy and of sound fiscal management, prosperity is not entrenched.
The danger is that higher unemployment will become entrenched.
The imbalances are much bigger and more entrenched, and the world economy as a whole is both more fragile and more complex.
Entrenched political elites, untroubled by free and fair elections, can get away more easily with stuffing their pockets.
But even if the recovery does become entrenched, it is likely to be lacklustre both this year and next.
By the same token, they have been loath to raise taxes, let alone take on entrenched interests.
The values of our company are extremely well entrenched.
The entrenched interests are simply too powerful, the politicians too wary of taking unpopular measures.
In the lower reaches, the valleys often become narrow and deeply entrenched.
As streams in the basin entrenched into the valley floor the water-dependent riparian habitat shrank laterally and entrenched.
The entrenched road traps water in the road area and conveys it down to the stream.
The mouse model for many diseases is entrenched in the development of pharmaceuticals, biologicals and devices for human use.

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