entrench in a sentence

Example sentences for entrench

The other option, which sadly also exists, is that lawmakers will entrench the status quo under the guise of reform.
Successful politicians surmount party allegiances, rather than entrench them.
Instead of discouraging corporate shareholding, the government plans to entrench it.
Extending the general's term will entrench his position.
Too many restrictions on the paid-for services may entrench file-sharing.
All that can do is further entrench and polarise the existing positions.
In some quarters democracy will begin to entrench itself.
Thus, higher energy prices tend to entrench stagflation in the economy.
In addition, failure to stake and entrench the straw bale has allowed undercutting and end flow.
Dismantle and alter the systems that reinforce and entrench poverty housing.
Consequently, the unintended outcome of a too-drastic intervention may be to increase or to entrench market power.
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