entrapped in a sentence

Example sentences for entrapped

Some are about to be frozen in time, as they step into quick mud and become entrapped, one on top of another.
We would find ourselves entrapped in the corral of the familiar.
Already some infertile couples feel entrapped by the catalog of choices.
If floor mats became entrapped, they would be jamming against the accelerator, pushing the car's throttle wide open.
The large concentration of volcanoes in the country has created another category of entrapped water: crater lakes.
Prisons for the heart which have never been locked hold only those who wish to be held, entrapped by their own fears.
But poverty has entrapped two-thirds of the people, leaving hundreds of thousands of them malnourished.
Do not let yourselves be entrapped by its pomp and pageantry.
Marshmallows are a foam of air entrapped in sugar and other ingredients.
Two children became entrapped between the drop side and the crib mattress but were freed without injury.
Three infants received bruises and abrasions to the neck, back and legs after becoming entrapped when the drop-side detached.
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