entrapment in a sentence

Example sentences for entrapment

Recently, law review articles on entrapment have caught my attention.
My proposal is deceitful, of course, and some people may have moral qualms about out-and-out lying and entrapment.
Locally, there were complaints of entrapment and a feeling that many trivial charges were lumped together with few serious ones.
There can be a fine line between genuine prevention and entrapment.
Thousands have suffered from it, butchery by entrapment in the isolated moment.
It is sad to see such entrapment as you evidence by your shibboleths.
Fix the pollution, fix a prominent source of heat entrapment and health-degrading human-induced environmental change.
But the ethics and legality of such entrapment is increasingly under scrutiny.
Unlike wiretaps, e-mails eliminate the problem of entrapment.
The findings don't rule out accidents caused by sticky accelerator pedals and floor mat entrapment.
One case showed pedal entrapment and another showed that both the brake and the pedal were depressed.
His own career was certainly a series of determined attempts to avoid entrapment of one sort or another.
Surgery may be recommended if symptoms are caused by entrapment of the nerve.
Horses are cave-fearing by nature, and are intuitively resentful of such entrapment.
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