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Example sentences for entrancing

Specimens flicker by in an entrancing crescendo until the video becomes a frenzied slew of images.
He cut a dashing figure in his fatigues and red beret, and peasants at all-night rallies found his oratory entrancing.
For bowlers determined to improve, the curriculum was entrancing.
Far from diminishing the effect, this self-revealed illusion is all the more mysteriously entrancing.
The material on it moves into the seventies, and the result is entrancing.
Then they begin to comprehend the enormous substance beyond the entrancing facade.
Entrancing in all seasons, it lays out a yearlong banquet of festivals and celebrations.
Every syllable counts toward a stimulating, entrancing experience of magic.
The reality was more entrancing that this simple wish of long ago.
By bringing the extremes in close contrast the grand old overtures seem grander and the street song sweeter and more entrancing.
It is an entrancing sheet of water, its only drawback being that it does not extend into the mountains.
She hushes the entrancing strains of the dreamy music.

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