entranceway in a sentence

Example sentences for entranceway

My shoes will dry in the entranceway next to other shoes.
The poster was in the entranceway, and the photographs had been slashed with a knife.
Beth stood in the entranceway to the family room and waited.
The entranceway leads to a parking area that has a ramp for car-top boat launching on the five acre tidal estuary.
Replace any loose or rotting boards on your house which might provide an entranceway.
Insect electrocution devices, when used, must be located near the entranceway.
The main entranceway appears to have been altered from its original design.
The floor shall be conspicuously designated as smoking at each entranceway on to the floor.
The status of the solenoid is clearly indicated via red status lamps in the entranceway to the collision hall.
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