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Then an integrated circuit compares the entrance and exit points to calculate the path of the light.
He now smokes under the awning several feet from the entrance.
Larger-than-life bronze statues of them stand in a fountain at the entrance to the university.
For-profit colleges have virtually no entrance criteria for applicants.
The cave's entrance is the second deepest in the world, so the trip is dangerous even for experienced explorers.
There is clearly only a finite amount of white wall surface between the entrance and the first exterior point of the maze.
The pine trees framing the entrance to the forest appear to be normal.
Elaborate ornament surrounds the main entrance to the commons.
Security around the tunnel entrance has been increased.
Recently the anticipation intensified with the discovery of a richly decorated canine skeleton near a sealed entrance.
Entrance and exit ramps connect the streets at every intersection.
The boxes were lined up in two neat rows near the terminal's entrance.
Only about one in eight of those who take its entrance exam is admitted.
At the entrance to a deep, dark cave, a few bats fly out and begin swirling high up into the air.
It's still the case that every block has an entrance at every corner and you must begin plowing from the outside of the grid.
Another high trellis near the roofline of the house further defines the entrance.
Education should not be job training, it should not be an entrance requirement for certain jobs.
Instead, shoppers browse casket samples at a kiosk near the shop entrance.
Some facilities require a coin payment at the entrance.
And x is the linear error generated because of the entrance or exit of the light into the attraction zone of that central object.
Only six turns in, and the entrance is almost sealed off.
He promptly ordered that the lorry driver be punished and that safety conditions at the campus entrance be improved.
The entrance is a yellow metal ramp that brings you to a pale green building.
Gauzy curtains frame the entrance and provide privacy and bug protection when needed.
Alternatively, they can try for a magnet school, many of which have excellent results-but also an entrance exam.
But she had already left an opening elsewhere in the hedge to frame the entrance to a rose garden a few feet away.
Outside, a simple sign announces the bistro's entrance.
Central government will run almost everything else, including university entrance and membership of the teaching profession.
Penguin eggs and slabs of blubber line the entrance.
But it looks pretty stylish and will make for a stunning entrance at any event.
But now, in line, their eyes are instead drawn to the entrance arch of fish tanks.
In the mornings, he would bicycle to the public library to study for the university entrance exam.
It then lays an egg onto the leg of the roach, closes off the entrance to the funnel with a rock and leaves.
To reach a newly accessible cove, head down the staircase near the entrance.
College entrance requirements appear to be drifting into an exaggerated importance.
Therefore, entrance exams, placement exams and other standardized test results should be taken with a grain of salt.
Above the entrance is an industrial-size cast-iron pulley-odd in a street of legal firms.
Cars are forbidden and must be left at the entrance bridge.
He puts a bit of this into the hives, blocking the bees' entrance so that they have to chomp their way through it.
It comes complete with battlements and a well-guarded entrance.
Bobcats and snakes keep cool near the cave entrance.
They then placed fresh dung at the entrance to some and left others bare.
Learn to sleep with your back to the cubicle entrance.
At the school's entrance admire the exquisite decorative gypsum panels.
Below is a video of the wagon that greeted us at the circus entrance.
They usually had one wider gap to serve as an entrance.
The hop-on-hop-off system gives visitors access to many entrance trails.
Fisher and colleagues found a square structure with a formal entrance that is believed to have been an imperial treasury.
The dining room opens onto the semi-walled entrance area.
There is a lookout spot not too far after the entrance to the park.
At its end she would take entrance exams for middle school.
It is sequestered inside one of the arched masonry structures under the bridge's main entrance ramp.
The ship was there, hovering around the whirling entrance to the event horizon.
Its entrance to the market could help make solar power cheaper.
His entrance to the hotel had been caught on surveillance tape while he was texting.
The entrance to the woods looked quite ordinary and unthreatening.
The bank of rubble that barred the entrance to the fire escape was almost knee-high.
He was studying for his university entrance exams when he disappeared.
At the entrance gate, a couple thousand people were already waiting.

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