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Example sentences for entrails

He found equanimity poking through the entrails of a car.
Originally the word applied principally to the entrails.
Limbs and entrails flew hundreds of feet, littering yards and walls and streets.
At the peak of the corporate-results season, three stories look at the entrails.
The entrails of her car clattered faintly and the steering went awry.
We take out the entrails to avoid a chance of disease and they devour the rest.
He merely trained his cameras on the entrails of a billion-dollar business.
They gutted the animals immediately, leaving the entrails for dozens of vultures flying overhead.
Veterinarians routinely pick through the entrails of slaughtered grand champions.
In one episode a story line is built around a police car that's stuck because its wheels keep spinning in human entrails.
Otherwise they leave the head and entrails in the wild, where scavengers scatter the remains.
Based on hunches, rumors and close readings of chicken entrails.

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