entrée in a sentence

Example sentences for entrée

And despite their idiosyncrasies, these house museums often provide a rare entree into a city's history and character.
Diners squander valuable real estate by spreading salad alongside the entree.
Recently, he used dehydrated squash and sour cream powders to match a soup entree.
Law school per se is not a particularly good entree to legal philosophy.
Every night there are around a half-dozen entree specials.
Spectator sports offer quick and easy entree into an instant community.
Delicious as this earthy dish was, there was enough of it to qualify as a main course, making the thought of an entree daunting.
But the four pounds gained from six dinners were worth every ounce of every entree.
The many dishes were freshly prepared and festively served in banquet-style sequence, entree after entree.
Serve immediately as a side dish or top with shrimp to serve as an entree.
As a piece of research, this paper more of an amuse-bouche than an entree.
Here is a taste, the entree actually, for a new audience.
We will be offering an ocean fish entree, with a vegetarian option.
It is as palatable an entree as one will find anywhere.
With a layer of nutritious grains seasoned with sweet spices, this dish makes a strong entree.
It makes a refreshing entree in the warmer summer months.
Entree choices include steaks and seafood, sandwiches and entree salads.
Oysters, crab cakes and calamari are all on the appetizer list, with fried and wood-fired seafood on the entree menu.
Duck, seafood and steaks are on the dinner entree list, with the lunch service featuring sandwiches and burgers.
Here, guests can get one entree and one dessert with each trip through the line at participating restaurants.
The internationally themed restaurant serves tapas, or appetizer plates and entree plates.
One is to plan on splitting your main entree with another member of your group.
Pizzas, pasta dishes and traditional chicken dishes are on the entree menu for later dining.
Other menu items include a double-thick pork chop entree and oven-roasted lasagna.
In addition to the regular entree, up to four alternative entrees are available.
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