entourage in a sentence

Example sentences for entourage

His students smirk at his arriving for classes with an entourage of flunkies.
Later, he and his entourage are still buzzing about the experience .
Some billionaire and his entourage were stranded when their jet broke down.
He had a mansion and a 20-member entourage.
Carla is armed with sophistication, beauty, confidence and an entourage of admirers.
He's standing amid an entourage of admirers.
In advance of his arrival, a member of his entourage visited every booth to make sure that nothing might cause offence.
Yet part of the new president's entourage feels this would be too much of a concession to a losing party.
He travels without an entourage and uses the same ramshackle swivel chair and desk he's had for years.
He came in with an entourage of about seven or eight people.

Famous quotes containing the word entourage

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