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Example sentences for entirety

Now, for the first time they've been mapped in their entirety.
All of the comments to my post are worth reading in their entirety.
How many of the allegations made in the last few weeks are true in their entirety has yet to be established.
Rediscover the first-ever underwater mapping and excavation of an ancient shipwreck in its entirety on the seafloor.
If you were to compare the entirety of their functional potential with someone with a normal brain, you may find differences.
More graceful in detail than in entirety but can be trained to an interesting pattern.
He had the entirety of that lucrative market to himself.
They wanted to address the legislature in its entirety.
So you can check out the full roster of speakers and listen to any or all of the talks in their entirety.
Report, so if you want to catch up on all the eruption-related news of the week, be sure to check that out in its entirety.
They can usually be sold on fairly easily, either in bits or their entirety.
The animals are then served whole in coconut milk and are consumed in their entirety.
But the other sense of the word limited is that what you see now is not the entirety of the feature set.
What is needed is a pixel that can change colour in its entirety.
It was the first-ever underwater mapping and excavation of an ancient shipwreck in its entirety on the seafloor.
All they have is a nuclear option: the power to reject the commission in its entirety.
Luckily, they the show was repeated in my city two hours later in it's entirety.
Without further ado, here are the critiques, followed by the three edited stories in their entirety.
The discussion can be followed in its entirety here.
The entirety of the game is instead played through a web browser.
It is unlikely that the leaked draft will become final law in its entirety.
The grueling three-year editing process resulted in a mesmerizing work that few people have seen in its entirety.
But he refused to strike down the new law in its entirety or to order that it should not be implemented pending appeal.
The original single-player storyline will also be included in its entirety.
A-beta is a section of protein which, if cut free in its entirety from its parent protein, ends up in plaques.
People really should take time to read the entirety of the article before they comment on it.
None of the witnesses observed the attacks in their entirety.
Both of those were the entirety of my response to something another poster wrote.
He has chosen to ignore those things almost in their entirety.
Follow the link to see the full results of the survey and the word clouds in their entirety.
If you concede that, you've basically conceded the entirety of the debate.
The manner in which it is preserved in entirety is exceedingly interesting.
The photo, in its entirety, must be a single work of original material taken by the contest entrant.
The photo and the personal statement, in their entirety, must be single works of original material created by the contest entrant.
But humans alone won't solve the problem in its entirety.
For many cancer patients, survival depends on whether their doctors can successfully remove the tumors in their entirety.
Humanity has an ability to think and change, and if the entirety of it comes under threat, it will change to live.
If this article is correct, the entirety of scientific thought is nothing but a metaphysical glitch.
Grant yourself leave to be uninformed about everything in its entirety.
The rail system would also have to be electrified at a cost which would essentially be the same as replacing it in it's entirety.
It's a wonderful lecture, and worth reading in its entirety.
However, there is a whole lot of empiricism involved in global temperature modeling when formulated in its entirety.
These writers seem not to have read the book in its entirety.
Thin sheets of red-pepper gel delivered that fruit's bright flavor in its entirety.
Her speech is worth reading, and absorbing, in its entirety.
The next two pages of the report are censored in their entirety.
Great doctors and nurses are a small percentage of the entirety, and they have only so much time they can spend treating patients.
Singer's movie hasn't yet screened in its entirety, so no one knows what he's going to add to the myth.
The original, uninterrupted broadcast is available in its entirety online.
What they're saying to each other depends on the entirety of the signal and the cortex in which the neurons operate.
It's a wide-ranging discussion, and well worth your time to listen in its entirety.
Science is always an investment, and continues to pay off throughout the entirety of human history.
Please don't quote me if you're not going to include it in it's entirety.
Pour the entirety of the bag of sunflower seeds on a napkin.
They attest to the foundational tastes of the owner without having to be viewed in their stupefying entirety.
The requirement to maintain coverage into the future, under their theory, dooms the mandate in its entirety.
Conservation, viewed in its entirety, is the slow and laborious unfolding of a new relationship between people and land.
Read the poem in its entirety, and then answer the questions that follow about the metaphor contained in this line.

Famous quotes containing the word entirety

Blake and Goethe were individualists par excellence, uncompromisingly protective of their single vision. In both Faust P... more
History, as an entirety, could only exist in the eyes of an observer outside it and outside the world. Hist... more
Each time dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety.... more
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