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To say the past completely defines the future is to eliminate the the evolution of entirely new forms.
The indifferent, rather cynical look which was on her face throughout the trial had entirely disappeared.
The first devices to be powered entirely by ambient energy are likely to be sensors, calculators and clocks.
The yellow-bellied marmot feeds entirely on green vegetation of many kinds.
Intriguingly, humpbacks in different populations sing entirely different songs from those elsewhere in the world.
Even with more digital tools, people haven't given up on paper entirely.
But one student, to all appearances, seemed entirely untouched by our discussions.
Murderers are murderers entirely by their own choosing.
The future of food was envisioned by many prognosticators as entirely meatless and often synthetic.
If the covering is a synthetic material, remove it entirely.
At first, it's odd, hopping on a bike frame made entirely of wood.
But on the face of it this looks entirely reasonable.
But today's academic job market is not entirely a buyer's market.
Their bodies are almost entirely dedicated to reproduction.
Further, it is entirely possible to meet current physical activity guidelines while still being incredibly sedentary.
The two may as well be in entirely different dimensions, the match up between the new footage and the old stock is so bad.
Whales are highly-modified, once-hoofed mammals which are entirely aquatic.
The clinic hopes eventually to pay for it entirely through endowment income.
In coming years wireless will vanish entirely from view, as communications chips are embedded in a host of everyday objects.
And, get this, it gets by entirely on natural precipitation.
Obviously this is in part because she speaks to me so strongly politically, but not entirely.
Try it side by side next to store-bought butter and you'll think they are two entirely different products.
The resolve is striking, though not entirely surprising.
Many labs and scientists have invented entirely new methods to read the human genome.
Uncertainty is an inherent problem of science, but manufactured uncertainty is another matter entirely.
While it doesn't entirely succeed, it's far from a failure.
Humanity has now made the leap to an entirely new level of planetary importance.
Create a piece of local art made entirely out of products produced or found in your community.
It is a delicate process since the needs of the fungus and the needs of the trees are not entirely the same.
Instead of dying out entirely, these insects found an entirely new lifestyle.
But the room ensures that it is not entirely a pleasant one.
They look somewhat snakelike, though sea snakes are entirely different.
And, in the center of the room, there would stand an enormous dinosaur skeleton that was almost entirely real.
It entirely lacked any sign of internal bone structure that a real dinosaur bone would exhibit.
Nobody familiar with the power grid expects blackouts to disappear entirely.
The online encyclopedia is written entirely by volunteers.
But four stand out because they are made entirely of stone.
What was entirely unexpected, however, was that these same neurons fired when a scientist in the lab reached for the nuts instead.
One or two items in each column had a check mark penciled to the left of it, or a line drawn through the word entirely.
Being on the receiving end of formula software can be entirely disheartening.
Winning, of course, would be an entirely different matter.
It's a fair point, if not one that will be entirely surprising to biologists.
Ultimately, entirely new types of artists will also emerge from all of this.
Yet the decision is not entirely surprising, as it relates to a long-running trade dispute.
The inhabitants of paved cities are almost entirely exempt from attacks of malaria.
We're looking for some of the only giraffes in the world that roam entirely in unprotected habitat.
The current value of capital depends entirely upon future expectations.
The branching of the dendrites arises for an entirely different reason.
Not everyone is entirely open about their collecting.
Having animals in the city is entirely different from having animals out in the country.
Yesterday's play was washed out entirely, and the forecast doesn't look promising for the rest of the week, either.
The harmonies are slightly befuddled and the playing is enjoyable but not entirely compelling.
The sequence is almost entirely wordless, but it is framed by music, much of it dense and dissonant.
Although she was seldom entirely free of money worries, she always lived as if she were.
And he wasn't entirely wrong about her medical knowledge.
Its culinary traditions are based entirely on local produce.
Spread top of hot toast with all of shrimp mixture, packing it down into a thick even layer and covering surface entirely.
What exactly it is that you're off to, however, is another story entirely.
The frugality of the evening, however, is entirely up to you.
National forensics experts who have seen entirely too much tragedy.
Indeed, the effect of digital technology on culture has been exactly that, but childhood is not entirely easy.
But if you were close enough to touch, you'd be entirely squished by the gravity.
Hidden beneath those shelves are sheltered waters that until recently had been almost entirely unexplored.
Then the wind would suddenly change direction without warning, propelling rollers into the ship from an entirely new angle.
Spills, if not ignored entirely, were simply bulldozed over or burned.
The companions probably consist almost entirely of dark matter.
The chimney had been made entirely by single-celled microbes.
One should note here that antimatter and negative matter are two entirely different things.
The combination of a large cranium and immature face would look decidedly unusual to modern eyes, but not entirely unfamiliar.
One population thrives among the hair follicles on your scalp, while an entirely different one resides in the crook of your elbow.
Ultimately, the cause may be a combination of all three theories, or something entirely unexpected.
When you're done, close the browser entirely so it will flush the cache and clean everything out of memory.
Instead, each new instant is an entirely different universe.
Many people who watched the movie were sure that the speakers were actually saying da, a different syllable entirely.
Without realistic synthetic skin, robots will never be entirely accepted socially.
The result, he says, may be an entirely new species.
One possibility is that we're seeing the beginnings of an entirely new kind of landscape of infection.
His protein-based process provides the biofuels field with entirely novel feedstock options.
Their conclusion was that the decay rate was entirely independent of temperature.
Imagine a mid-sized country populated entirely by computer servers.
However, it is impossible to get rid of errors entirely.
Any spinning sphere that it is not entirely spherical should wobble in this way.
The true answer is to come up with a different answer entirely.
And the technique is based entirely on the flow of bubbles.
Cloud computing is making entirely new business models possible.
But this is a highly artificial situation in which the movement of air is entirely divorced from the flapping motion of the wing.
The jet's fuselage and wings are made entirely of composite materials, a first in commercial aviation.
At certain frequencies, the phase shift will dampen the feedback entirely.
Sometimes you're juggling so many issues in your head, you don't entirely see them all.
These homes are about mobility of an entirely different sort.
But our sense of self isn't entirely based on dollars and cents.
It is a peculiar niche, but one in which he seems to feel entirely at home, if not entirely comfortable.
Apparently, that old prejudices and insecurities have not entirely disappeared from our society.
All of those statements are entirely true, but it's not the stuff of awards-season buzz.
But that doesn't mean the telecast will be entirely lacking in suspense.
It's entirely based on publicly available information.
Contracts of persons entirely without understanding.
Guidance if a facility is comprised entirely of non-eligible space types.
It is superficially similar but is larger and has an entirely reddish belly band.
Some agreement countries pay pensions that are based entirely on nonwork-related factors such as residence.
Water chestnut is an annual plant, overwintering entirely by seed.
Funding for this project was secured entirely through developer contribution.
All five of your senses play a part, some in entirely surprising ways.
Perry is asking voters to credit him for a impressive state economy he's also not entirely responsible for creating.
The phenomenon has been recognized by physicists, but the precise causes are not entirely clear.
Whatever the level of tension was at the outset of this crisis, public sentiment has turned an entirely new shade of red.
Each season, the best chefs change their menus entirely.
It was an entirely normal twinge, something that happens when nerve endings are healing.
Only in modern times has it come to be taken for granted that politics is entirely secular.
The crucial economic functions performed in the household and volunteer sectors go entirely unreckoned.
Yet the stylish and sudden turns feel entirely natural this week and make the final twists more thrilling than maddening.
The mainstream political parties missed the plot entirely.
It is easy to take all of this entirely too seriously.
Our plentiful public response has been almost entirely angry.
Or there could be an entirely different mechanism at play.
Later studies have modified the contrast, but have never entirely abandoned making invidious and admonitory comparisons.
And no writer is entirely a writer-she is also many other things.
Medical art and science are entirely secular and serve a dual purpose: to lengthen life and to preserve or enhance its quality.
They were committed to the belief that what they were saying was of immediate relevance and entirely new.
Accidents occur exceedingly rarely, but they cannot be eliminated entirely.
She will look at our society in the way she studies an entirely foreign culture.
In any case, the final aim must be to burn out entirely this pestilent abscess.

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