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Gentlemen were neither fervid nor zealous, and above all they were not enthusiastic.
My office is always seeking motivated and enthusiastic college students interested in interning for academic credit.
Even the most enthusiastic of elves needs a break from shopping sometimes.
Three words someone else would use to describe me are enthusiastic, curious and exacting.
He said he was so enthusiastic about the project that he volunteered to help keep costs down by serving as the general contractor.
The candidate will join an interactive and enthusiastic group .
They were still strong, still enthusiastic.
He's really energetic and enthusiastic about what he does.
He's equally enthusiastic about painting.
Responses were typically enthusiastic.
That person is very enthusiastic about my work and is well-respected in our field.
We are particularly interested in self-motivated and enthusiastic group members.
She is an incredible gardener, plus she's enthusiastic, knowledgeable and willing to share what she knows.
Some artists and urbanites, however, were not as enthusiastic.
Rae is so outgoing and enthusiastic it is immediately apparent that she loves the life she lives here.
He was also an enthusiastic amateur chemist, often befouling his rooms with noxious fumes.
But this is not a thumping, enthusiastic paddling anthem.
Among the mature and capable students who gathered around him he became an enthusiastic leader.
He threw into the effort all the ardour of a generous and enthusiastic nature.
Wondering so winningly in several kinds of oceans is the reason that makes red so regular and enthusiastic.
The laity were enthusiastic and subscriptions began to flow in.
Burke was eminently entertaining, enthusiastic, and interesting in conversation.
Due to the enthusiastic response, public participation continues.
The vibe is freewheeling and enthusiastic, with a lot of shoulder rubbing between locals and travelers.
Bright and enthusiastic, she was one of many who made being on that committee so much fun, so rewarding.
But that doesn't make them any less enthusiastic about the rover missions.
With proper conditioning a subject could be turned into an enthusiastic soldier or a loyal customer.
Microscopy remains one of the few areas of science in which enthusiastic amateurs can make others take notice.
But it would take a particularly enthusiastic math teacher to think of these trusty workhorses as beautiful.
Perhaps enthusiastic facial expressions will help them be understood.
He says he is cautious but enthusiastic about the prospects of apomorphine.
The gas industry itself has been less than enthusiastic about health studies.
They cannot help themselves, because they are boisterous and enthusiastic by nature.
The students in the lab are wildly enthusiastic about bees.
He or she must be an entrepreneurial leader, an eloquent and enthusiastic advocate and a strong financial manager.
The successful candidate will be an enthusiastic, hardworking, innovative professional with integrity and a high degree of energy.
Libraries are early and enthusiastic adopters of digital innovations.
Is energetic, enthusiastic, and has a sense of humor.
The video ends with enthusiastic applause from a packed auditorium.
The answer involves a series of obstacles that prevent enthusiastic students from seeking the opportunities they desire.
Many used bookstores are not enthusiastic about them.
Other college leaders are not so enthusiastic about using the labor market as a bellwether of college quality.
Reactions to overload have often been emotional, whether hostile or enthusiastic.
The workshop generated an enthusiastic response from the community.
But all that enthusiastic support can cause complacency in its immediate aftermath.
In retrospect, the enthusiastic response was unsurprising, given the depth of need.
Her message back to me was equally enthusiastic, promising an offer in the coming weeks.
But its renewed focus on science has drawn an enthusiastic response from students.
Help your interviewers out by being enthusiastic and thorough in your answers.
They seemed much more responsive and enthusiastic than those who'd had their course sort of hijacked by job candidates.
His problem is pushing other kids and too enthusiastic hugging.
Italians are not what you would call enthusiastic planners.
He seemed to get a more enthusiastic response from the public.
Customers were so enthusiastic that the system promptly crashed.
Ex-convicts, whose families are often less than enthusiastic about their return, can also be excluded from public housing.
But campaigners for the environment and for indigenous peoples are not so enthusiastic.
Yet even some enthusiastic researchers worry about undue haste.
On the other hand the music seemed too good to have been composed by an amateur, however enthusiastic.
Some are enthusiastic in their upholding of the treaties.
Yet when it comes to buying or eating foreign stuff, they are as enthusiastic.
All three royals were enthusiastic, which meant the project also had the king's support.
The policy is not only laid down by the president but also often has enthusiastic support at state level.
If punters are similarly enthusiastic, other web firms could soon find themselves on the silver screen.
They were overwhelmingly enthusiastic, but also cautious.
It helps to be enthusiastic, to let them know you come in peace.
These doubts are rarely shared by policy-makers and the population, who are typically quite enthusiastic about such spectacles.
And turnout was guaranteed to be low, a possible opening for a long shot challenger with an enthusiastic base of support.
Heritage management was initially enthusiastic about the study.
Antoine became enthusiastic and soon found himself studying.
Enthusiastic but impressionable, you're likely to leap at the first attractive opportunity that presents itself.
Enthusiastic housing reformers have attempted to dispose of this problem by neat little formulas.
He is gregarious, enthusiastic, and nerdy on an epic scale.
Charlie, who was mildly enthusiastic about the idea, agreed to sell the newfangled bagels for a nickel extra.
The show drew large audiences and enthusiastic reviews.
These days, they're not enthusiastic about much, feathered or otherwise.
But he seems to have been pretty enthusiastic about the case until the court pointed out that there was precious little evidence.
They are almost always enthusiastic, highly informed, and willing to come out and show you around.
The show has begun previews to extremely enthusiastic response from the corpses.
It is a relief, then, that those supplying much of the book's content are aware of and enthusiastic about their participation.
She was enthusiastic, she was always enthusiastic and she said, get a car.
For anyone with a provocative bit of data or a persuasive argument to share, he was an enthusiastic listener.
He was so enthusiastic and wanted to know all about what it all meant and how it works.
He was well-known for his super-enthusiastic demeanor, which always cracked me up.
Be enthusiastic about it, and while you're at it, be good at it.
Sorry if we're not as enthusiastic about this announcement as you are.
Perhaps that explains why the critics, who may have been true movie-lovers, were so enthusiastic.
Each was a gruesome public spectacle witnessed by a large, enthusiastic crowd.
The other children were less enthusiastic, but he believed he would get them eventually.
For two years or so he was able at times to command enthusiastic audiences and large fees.
Bush fatigue has become a factor even in parts of his once monolithically enthusiastic home state.
Although he was an enthusiastic athlete, he lacked the natural gifts to distinguish himself in any sport.
Overall, however, providers were enthusiastic about the potential usefulness of the tool.
My dad is a laborer in a construction company, and he is always enthusiastic about what his company is building.
We will successfully achieve our mission through trained, dedicated and enthusiastic employees working together as a team.
Interviews are an opportunity to show you are an enthusiastic worker who would do a job well.
North was an enthusiastic participant in these traitorous actions and has yet to show sincere remorse for them.
Four strong objectors and five moderately enthusiastic supporters will probably nix an idea.
Not only did the gamers burn more calories but, not surprisingly, they were also more enthusiastic about their exercise.

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