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Example sentences for enthusiast

Polarized lenses are ideal for the snow and water sports enthusiast.
Well, actually, a solar enthusiast can put a price on spring.
Also, keep in mind that these recordings are intended for the home movie enthusiast.
Scratches and pops, while charming to some, can be downright painful to a seasoned vinyl enthusiast.
Stylish for about town wear with performance features for the all weather snow sports enthusiast.
It comes in thimble-sized cups and runs a little thin for the coffee enthusiast.
It's the cardinal rule for any action-sports enthusiast.
Coast-to-coast, the largest emerging skier demographic remains the all-mountain ski enthusiast.
Frugality is not high upon the list of defining virtues of the real doll enthusiast archetype.
Over the past two weeks, the enthusiast gaming press has been abuzz with rumors of the then-unofficial new machine.
Every athlete, every fitness enthusiast has heard the advice to drink plenty of water.
Still, to be an opera enthusiast is almost by definition to be an optimist.
Tom was an outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed sailing and flying.
Nearly everyone recognizes these phrases as the repertory of the yo-yo enthusiast.
He was an avid fly fisherman and boating enthusiast.
Even for a balloon enthusiast and a well-known aeronaut, it was a big moment.
He was not a crack himself, but he was a tennis enthusiast and knew all the players and records for twenty years back.
He was an avid sports enthusiast who played recreational hockey and enjoyed skiing.
As in his other criticism, he was an enthusiast depending upon the turn taken by his personal impressions.
The enthusiast often casts true glances into the future, but for this future he cannot wait.
Never a great enthusiast for paragraphs, he has now virtually abandoned them altogether.
To a free-market enthusiast, the question might seem misguided.
The barriers to entry are low: many pieces of software begin life in an enthusiast's bedroom or garage.
No self-respecting environmentalist and/or fishing enthusiast could stomach that eventuality.
And even for the enthusiast, the frenzied hours in the kitchen can be a time for a few choice words.
For the enthusiast, this brings cheap old manual lenses back from the dead.
For the golf enthusiast, several golf courses are in the area.
She is a fashion enthusiast who dreams of becoming a huge voice in the industry.
If you are a computer enthusiast, of course you're going to find this fascinating and worthwhile.
His book has all the charm of an enthusiast's tract-along with the inevitable omissions, distortions, and exaggerations.
Here, you're getting an enthusiast of astronomy in three dimensions with extra interests and hints of a life.
Many a tech enthusiast has said so, bemoaning the fact that the operating system never really got a fair chance in the market.
It is also convenient for airport tenants and aviation enthusiast groups.
The scholarship you are seeking is named for a friend, aviation enthusiast and great humanitarian.

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