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Retailers and purveyors of entertainment increasingly know our buying history and the vagaries of our unique tastes.
The digital revolution in entertainment was expected to sweep all before it.
Science meets entertainment at the bottom of the sea.
There are many benefits to this heritage beyond simple entertainment value.
As they bond over its preparation, dinner becomes entertainment and the meal rolled into one.
Of course, there was also plenty of entertainment that didn't require a lot of money.
His fans have a history of following him across the entertainment spectrum.
Discusses the area's shift from a major shipping port to a place known for leisure and entertainment.
There has never been so much choice in entertainment.
Knowing they had support seemed to make students less concerned about depleting their mental energy on mere entertainment.
Or you can wait until it's available to rent, or stream, or watch in whatever way you manage your home movie entertainment.
The revitalized railway featured vintage trains and cowboy-style entertainment.
The entertainment industry is blowing it once again.
The vagueness of the legislation means that the authorities may prosecute for lavish entertainment as well as more blatant bribes.
When it comes to rationality and entertainment, entertainment wins.
Entertainment provides money and can be done to educate at the same time.
And he realized that these commonalities could make for great entertainment.
Big changes are afoot in the global adult entertainment business.
It is worth discouraging people from seeking advice from those who are, essentially, involved in the entertainment industry.
The comment entertainment value made it a worthier read.
To me, a cottontail in the backyard provides more entertainment than a bunch of flowers.
Researchers are finding that some of the best applications of the software focus on therapy rather than entertainment.
Metropolises that offer superb art, history and entertainment.
As researchers detail the physical benefits of some video entertainment systems, manufacturers aim to capitalize on the results.
No matter what period you live in, monsters, heroes and captured maidens make for good entertainment.
She provided quiet entertainment to him but it was still unorthodox.
In prime time the network offers broad-based news, talk, and entertainment programming.
Apparently, they interviewed me purely for entertainment.
Get it right, though, and you have a withering form of criticism and an immortal entertainment rolled into one.
We're always on the lookout for great new adventure flicks to post for your entertainment.
Those things were my inspiration in terms of entertainment.
It is a central switching station for global entertainment.
But never forget that news is an entertainment business.
Manufacturing companies, software developers and the entertainment industry seem to operate well in the for profit area.
Visitors can enjoy live entertainment from mariachi performers and folklorico dancers.
These fora are as much for entertainment as they are for information.
No more should be taken or bred for captive entertainment.
And of the four entertainment questions, one is on golf.
Still, she emphasizes that it is a real research instrument, not a virtual-reality environment for entertainment.
Think of a short film or a newsreel as a ten- or twenty-minute unit of entertainment.
The news and entertainment media tend to invent a fictional world that justifies and elevates their counter-position to it.
It is indeed different now and has lost its silent splendor, becoming an entertainment centre.
The spectator's entertainment is divided into two or three sharply defined parts.
After a day or two of hospitable entertainment, he dismissed them.
But intercollegiate sport, except for those who participate in it, is primarily entertainment.
Until that point, television's mission was as a delivery vehicle for entertainment and clear communication.
He has credentials in oncology and rather than dismissing him based on what the news-entertainment media report, dig a little.
Science-art is becoming an increasingly popular form of science communication and entertainment.
Electronic entertainment certainly enables those efforts.
Too bad they didn't stay in the entertainment industry, they do make really great movies.
Songs range from pure entertainment to expression of inequalities and political commentary.
Maybe you won't need to concoct your little fantasies for your entertainment.
It is interesting reading some of the comments on the videos and how much entertainment people get out of them.
He is a prime example of the media and entertainment world's horrible memory.
Company reportedly creating home entertainment system that streams music wirelessly.
Libraries exist to get books to readers-books and other forms of knowledge and entertainment, provided for free.
Life in his palace was an endless search for entertainment.
The movie's outrageous panache gave the audience license to enjoy the violence as lawless entertainment.
Despite the grim subject, it's a sweet-tempered movie, with moments of explosive humor-an entertainment.
Yet, even if the movie is a fake as a fight picture, it's still a decent commercial entertainment.
Sloth was calculated by comparing expenditures on arts, entertainment and recreation with the rate of employment.
The entertainment value of this is priceless, but so is its value to illustrate the difference between science and non-science.
Bringing this phenomenon to light should hopefully galvanise people in the entertainment industry to give it due consideration.
One rating for the entertainment value of the story and another for the quality of the science.
Don't infringe upon my right to purchase a game for entertainment because you are afraid of the impact it will have on minors.
Cloud services are increasingly being used for every kind of computing, from entertainment to business software.
Right now the entertainment industry, for one, benefits from these outdated laws.
And of course there will always be jobs for people in live entertainment.
Entertainment also may include meeting per- expense.
Any item that might be considered either a gift or entertainment generally will be considered entertainment.

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