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We are committed to presenting exhibits that will entertain and educate our local community and visitors from around the world.
But this destination offers more than concerts to entertain its weekend visitors.
Most writers try to amuse or entertain their correspondents.
The two-legged machines even dance during a halftime performance to entertain the crowd.
When it comes to trade, governments entertain no presumption that people might actually know for themselves what is best.
While skittish on land, they will entertain me for hours underwater.
There is something obnoxious, even, about the idea that some people should be paid to entertain themselves in this way.
It was a nondescript rear yard without a place to sit or entertain.
We'll go through and pick the best three entries based on how much they entertain us.
Ponies is replete with brilliant photographs and catchy content that will both teach and entertain.
Big ones entertain children and tiny ones tickle champagne aficionados.
Border was kind enough to entertain a few questions via email about his work and his unique relationship to food.
Entertain in style with the ice-cold tang of martinis and oysters more.
Most can entertain an audience, though a few prefer to comb through statistics.
There is art from many different periods and enough exhibits to entertain a variety of interests.
Until some evidence arrives, the pursuit of truth through science obliges us to entertain multiple hypotheses.
Best of all, a selection of soups is a simple way to entertain casually.
If all goes well, you can entertain your new friends at dinner parties with academic horror stories from your previous gig.
Some exploit quirks of our neurological wiring to confuse and entertain both the eyes and mind.
Better, in their view, to allow viable babies to be brutally destroyed than to entertain any discussion about the procedure.
Some film festivals strive to do more than simply entertain audiences and honor filmmakers.
Highly bored individuals also tend to lack the ability to entertain themselves.
One does not entertain a guest by mocking, deriding, and abusing the guest.
Signs can entertain with overkill and fanciful images.
The book attempts to entertain by taking on things people know that aren't true.
Sooner or later, the news reaches someone who will use it to entertain his friends at lunch.
Reenactments are typically done for the public, to entertain and educate.
My second problem is with the presentation that is along the lines of a news item that is meant to entertain rather than inform.
Teaching to retain has come to mean teaching to entertain.
Entertain children on rainy days with crafts that repurpose items that would otherwise be thrown away.
The nightly stage shows are designed to entertain both children and parents alike.
The house being built for a hermit has enough space to entertain a large posse.
Such polemic may entertain its writers, if not its readers, but does little to advance the debate.
Never switched teaching strategy or made up handouts to entertain us.
The aim was to entertain expatriates, but also to impress and cow locals.
It has great potential to inform and entertain people at home and in the office.
Without restaurants or bars to entertain clients, downtown firms may struggle to compete with their tony uptown rivals.
Rectifying this situation in time for the winter chill are earmuff headphones that entertain your ears while keeping them warm.
Boll seems out to shock his audience into stunned disbelief rather than actually entertain them.
There are several stories that will entertain the kids.
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
The executioners thereupon being commanded to desist, he began to entertain him with an account of his travels.
Thought is the property of him who can entertain it, and of him who can adequately place it.
She'll entertain guests and clients at anchor, a bizarre museum to a different country's naval power.
Games are evolving to entertain, educate, and engage us individually.
He is often called on to hype up audiences and entertain the occasional bush spirit, he says.
All that emotional energy over a machine to entertain.
Use your wit to build up and entertain, not tear down and beat up.
But the staff is also willing to entertain the peculiar cravings that food from one's childhood sometimes elicits.
Mason also notes that the book's first goal is to entertain-and that it succeeds on this level entirely.
Enjoy this new type of record entertain- ment today.
It's one thing to entertain an idea, even to feel it physically, quite another to act on it.
And mice entertain us by playing musical instruments.
The stalwart troupe offers a program meant to educate and entertain.
He had to play the air guitar to entertain the audience.
It is meant to educate, excite, unite and entertain.
In tough economic times, one must still be able to have parties and entertain people, even on the cheap.
But not every home needs one to entertain a hungry crowd.
Stuffing and preparing the pork a day ahead leaves you free to entertain and makes the meat especially flavorful as well.
People used to sit around and tell tales, particularly the older relatives who would come over and entertain with stories.
With so many variables at play, it is a difficult counterfactual to entertain.
Although grilling is good for dinner for two, this is also a great time of year to entertain with little effort.
The film was too self-indulgent to actually entertain.
Stimulate and bewilder us, frustrate and entertain us.
Or whimsically decided they are, to annoy you when you're planning to entertain.
The best modern video and online games do more than entertain.
Now they all tend to state that they can't accept but will entertain revision.
Stories about animals can entertain us and educate us and help change the nature of humanity.
Finding ways to entertain children is always a challenge, whether traveling or hanging around your regular stomping grounds.
Each resort offers on-site amenities and services to entertain and indulge you, both on and off the course.
Bring along plenty of activities for the kids to entertain themselves with on the trip.
Listen to your guide entertain you with bits and pieces of the wonderful city.
They want to entertain and inform readers, and then have readers return the favor.
Vendors sell prepared food, vegetables and fruits, while local musicians and street performers entertain the crowds.
Additionally, it shouldn't be ignored that the rich entertain in an opulent style.
Something that could entertain, first and foremost, but also have a social conscience.
Indeed, you might say that he will entertain any reasonable risk to demonstrate that he is still a regular guy.
My goal ultimately is to entertain, and make these characters as recognizable to audiences who grew up with them as possible.
We're going to have to find some way to entertain ourselves.
There he began to entertain as a way of establishing himself, and to broker his first few deals.
The purpose of the press is to entertain you, not educate you.
One crew member brought a guitar to entertain the others.
They are merely artists' conceptions designed to entertain.
While the weather-is-climate flip-flop never ceases to entertain, it's a little bit too easy.
If you trust someone you are far more likely to entertain their viewpoint, if not adopt it for yourself.
And that in turn allows us to throw out some ideas for what dark energy is, and entertain notions of what it might be.
Since the government can't keep secrets, maybe you can entertain us with the leaked codes.
My personal beef is people picking one and refusing to entertain anything outside their selected reality bubble.
They entertain themselves and share their goods and sleep on the ground.
During the public hearing portion of the meeting, the board will entertain questions and comments from the public.
Performances are structured to entertain or educate all types of audiences.
But he was unwilling or unable to entertain thoughtful risk management when it came to running his own firm.
It's one of the joys of a film with no ambition other than to entertain that it leaves its knottier impulses to our imagination.
Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him.
These days the bathroom is a place to relax, to exercise, even to entertain.

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