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Example sentences for enterprising

Values will be adjusted, and enterprising people will pick up the wrecks from less competent people.
Enterprising graduate students can and should go to these countries and immerse themselves in their changing politics.
It wasn't long before this shocking technology was applied in the field by enterprising researchers.
One enterprising student was coming by to collect old cell phones from recycling donations.
Migrants are usually enterprising people, who enrich their new countries as well as themselves.
Some other enterprising species can also work around dams in their habitats.
Enterprising companies would likely build small unmanned self-serve battery kiosks as well.
What a great to shut down an enterprising student by declaring his business illegal to use.
It has, for example, plentiful water resources that an enterprising government would find ways to develop.
Any enterprising criminal can do the math on this one.
It shouldn't be urged on their less enterprising peers, either.
But one enterprising researcher uses it to store the entire human genome.
Transactions such as these fuel the informal economy of a city bursting to the seams with an enterprising workforce.
Enterprising commanders figured out there were psychological advantages to the tiny plane.
Enterprising families do take advantage of the policy.
Surely some enterprising design aficionado already has fantasies about feathering his breakfast nook.
Hopefully you haven't already loaned it to another enterprising sibling.
On the contrary, the monarchy is consistently enterprising.
And it wants some enterprising software designer to build it for the agency.
The more enterprising foodies of our group tried to decompose these flavors and settled on a blend of butterscotch and vanilla.
Whoa, slugger, don't lump us all in with the enterprising idiots here.
Keep in mind that terrorism is an entrepreneurial activity, dominated by enterprising self-starters.
Some enterprising publisher should remedy this omission.
The more enterprising ones have tried by various means to publicize their cause.
But now the enterprising children of politicians take advantage of technology to help define their own image.
The role of the enterprising academic in stimulating cultural change is often overlooked.
We are a people with an enterprising spirit, striving for innovations who accept the risk-taking that comes with it.
The human trafficking business is controlled by enterprising individuals who are working independently or in groups.
Enterprising jobs involve starting up and carrying out projects.
One enterprising packer attempted to use camels as pack animals.
We are a people with an enterprising spirit, striving for innovations, who accept the risk-taking that come with it.
Once it was chosen as the capital, many enterprising individuals quickly moved there.
Creative and enterprising scientists are using their knowledge and talents to search for new forms of energy.

Famous quotes containing the word enterprising

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