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But the biggest threats to these whales are collisions with shipping vessels and entanglement in fishing gear.
The state of one of these photons was inextricably linked with that of the other through a process known as quantum entanglement.
He didn't give advantage, and couldn't take the gamble of a foolish entanglement-not now, anyway.
Entirely all right and equably maintained entanglement directory.
Organic evolution only hints at the extent of my entanglement with the entire inorganic and organic whole of reality.
Room-temperature entanglement seems to be a by-product of the process of harvesting light.
The technique relies on the strange quantum phenomenon called entanglement, in which two particles share the same existence.
Quantum entanglement is such a mainstay of modern physics that it is worth reflecting on how long it took to emerge.
The quantum phenomenon known as entanglement keeps spreading its arms to hold ever more particles in its spooky embrace.
Entanglement could make state-of-the art clocks more precise.
The special resource that enables teleportation is entanglement.
The entanglement may no longer be life threatening, but the impact of the entanglement may be life threatening.
Entanglement is a required feature of quantum computing schemes.
Globally, entanglement in fishing gear and marine debris is a pervasive problem for the animals and the fishermen.

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