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But they are vexed about a seemingly endless flow of new regulations that entangle them in more and more red tape.
Spiked nets, which can be laid flat on roads, entangle wheels.
Some have argued that introducing genocide will further entangle a process already beset by delays and confusion.
She should not continue to entangle herself with her mistake.
And so, the readiest way to entangle the mind with false doctrine, is first to entice the will to wanton living.
They found a way to entangle the polarization of transmitted photons with the momentum of an eavesdropper's photon.
Only well-designed research, executed well, can help dis-entangle these things.
Rather, they seem to be pretty much entirely attempts to entangle people in rent-to-own schemes.
The researchers entangle a gold-coated fiber with an uncoated fiber.
She's careful not to get glue on the thorax, which might cause the butterfly to entangle itself in the antenna wire.
But there was her present entangle- ment, of which her new lover knew nothing.
There is no real flesh that could actually entangle.
Bats are not blind rabies-infested vermin that will suck your blood and entangle themselves in your hair.
Anglers have become frustrated with this import because it can entangle lines and hooks, ruining a day on the water.
They can entangle the buoys and lines of crab and shrimp traps set in their path.
Reef structures may impede, entangle or destroy sea floor equipment and endanger operators.
The blooms can easily entangle swimmers and boat props.
The staff did not find protrusion or projections that could entangle drawstrings on children's clothing.
These encounters frequently entangle the boat's own fishing line or propeller, resulting in downtime and costly repairs.
Improperly disposed fishing line can be consumed by, or entangle, many animals including mammals and migratory birds.
The clotting of blood is due to the sudden appearance of fibres that entangle the blood cells.
It is a projection that has the potential to either impale or entangle.
Occasionally, other crews would entangle our hook release string, rendering it unusable.
Litter can also entangle or trap wildlife, especially fishing line.
Remove wrinkles and folds that could trap or entangle swallows or other birds.
The dowels were intentionally flimsy, so as to break rather than trip visitors or entangle animals.

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