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Example sentences for entail

If the opposition were to win, it would not entail a radical departure from current policies.
Rose isn't sure what her new role as big sister will entail.
She knew that returning to the city would entail some housing compromises and that her children might have to share a bedroom.
Neither company offered details on when the services would debut or what they would entail.
The reception, she predicted, would entail “a couple of beers” somewhere.
The judge did not explain exactly what a regional approach would entail.
Jobs that entail excessive typing leads to painful finger joints.
Controlling costs does not have to entail a sacrifice in quality.
Such scenarios would entail a huge shift in global trade patterns.
The boy inherited the estate through an entail.
It should be noted that superluminal speeds need not entail causality violations, that is back in time signaling.
Each of my examiners had a different idea about what a comprehensive exam ought to entail.
Make sure you have a realistic idea of what the work of the profession will entail now and in the near future.
If it did not entail the risk of being immoderate, the pleasure it procures would lose its intensity.
Then a humanities degree, both bach and grad, did not entail the costs and debt inherent to our current system.
Carrying lots of products is a great way to stand out, but it can entail fearsome risk.
Instead of getting up and playing real games that entail human touch and imaginative activities, they're playing video games.
Within the confines of free-market capitalism, selling animals for food will always entail unnecessary suffering.
About the best that can be said of the debt-ceiling agreement is that it doesn't entail major spending cuts for this year or next.
Unfortunately, he added, recalling contaminated products would entail grave economic consequences.
The solution, experts say, doesn't necessarily have to entail eschewing tuna altogether.
Most of the treatment options entail painful choices, but there are a few easy ones.
Know exactly what you are getting into if someone offers you something that might entail added responsibilities.
Opening yourself up to other people does entail risk.
There is a profound muddle about what a default would entail.
Among other things, this would entail the strict separation of examinations from teaching.
They are uncomfortable with the closures of smaller offices that business-minded reforms entail.
One might say that they had no idea of the cruelties and atrocities that this impending war would entail.
Let us try to imagine what such a return to the past would entail.
Ensure that your organization's leadership is supportive of the grant application and all that an award will entail.

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