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Copyright is the caryatid that supports the great entablature of his fortune.
The main architectural types based on the style of capital, column, and entablature.
The portico entablature is carried around the building, in simplified form.
Prominent dormer windows, a wide entablature with brackets and various elaborate window treatments were typical of this mode.
The pilasters are connected by a molded entablature.
The original idea for the memorial included a large inscription or entablature to be carved alongside the figures.
The main façade of the building exhibits a metal entablature at the second story ceiling level.
Across the top spans an entablature excluding frieze relief, and a second cornice directly above the-entablature.
Above the arcade is a bronze entablature which spans the breadth of the building and unifies the façade.
The entablature runs around the four sides of the building.
The entablature of the bay repeats the design of the main structure's entablature.
Double-tiered porticos feature pediment, slender columns, and arched entablature.
The façade is dominated by a monumental portico with pillars and a plain entablature.
The hip roof has a molded cornice and plain entablature.
The middle division of an entablature, below the cornice.
Above the columns is an entablature with round medallions in the frieze and dentils.
The portico's entablature features a frieze with arched cutouts and its tympanum boasts a circular window with floral tracery.
The original portico consisted of four columns supporting an entablature with a paneled frieze.
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