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When you start stargazing with a telescope, two experiences typically ensue.
It plays out through the narratives and the characters and the wars that ensue.
Much analysis and many wisecracks ensue.
Unless the politicians move fast, more turmoil could ensue.
Socrates just seems to play along for the sake of watching the chaos ensue.
I'm sure one complaint won't lead to a ban but if the player does it enough and enough people complain action will ensue.
Negotiations ensue, usually taking one to three months.
Endless complications ensue.
Unless something changes, disaster will surely ensue.
It was his counsel had brought about this marriage, and all that was to ensue from it.
Five days of parties and processions ensue, and dressing in drag for mock weddings is the norm.
Oxygen is vital for life-without it, severe brain damage may ensue in as little as three minutes.
They sold it even knowing that a disaster would ensue.
Beyond plastic degradation and its toxic ramifications, other refuse issues ensue.
Who knows, fresh and more effective policies might even ensue.
Putting the money into ring-fenced funds should prevent a free-for-all among politicians and the corruption that could ensue.
But it still escapes many politicians, who blindly uproot flowers, ignorant of the celestial commotion that may ensue.
If he doesn't surrender, however, more bloodshed is likely to ensue.
Cross-national conflict over the specific content of these new supranational policies will surely ensue.
However, given the current state of affairs, it is more difficult to say whether or not war will ensue.
The moral blame for the bloodshed that will ensue should duly be on their conscience.
Crises ensue when moral hazard undermines confidence.
Yet chaos is unlikely to ensue: firms can simply stick with the latest version of the time-zone file.
Most economists and the business press predicted that years of disaster would ensue.
Most of us will not be able to withstand the roaring inflation that will ensue.

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