ensnare in a sentence

Example sentences for ensnare

As the coral ensnare nutrients, currents flow and a big wave moves through the sea, further mixing the water and nutrients.
Two experts in business management show how to avoid the ten common pitfalls that ensnare decision makers.
Consequently, scams ensnare a broad net of victims before being stopped.
Design for equipment to lure or ensnare fish or cold-blooded animal living wholly in water.
Or it can further ensnare people in poverty and environmental degradations, creating a vicious cycle.
Gill netting: a survey technique that uses a mesh net to ensnare fish.
The rod was nicked and contained numerous burrs, that could ensnare loose clothing.

Famous quotes containing the word ensnare

Beauty does not ensnare men; they ensnare themselves.... more
The bowl will ensnare and enchant men who crouch by the hearth till they want but the riot of stars in the ... more
Trade and the streets ensnare us, Our bodies are weak and worn; We plot and corrupt each other, And we desp... more
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