enrolment in a sentence

Example sentences for enrolment

While enrolment might be considered large, participation and contribution is much smaller.
Lessons are open to all, but prior enrolment as a club member offers priority for bookings and reduced rates.
Written informed consent must be obtained from the subject prior to enrolment.
And the region's overall enrolment rates conceal huge local disparities.
Publishing data on school budgets reduced the misuse of funds and increased enrolment.
Secondary school enrolment rates have grown rapidly across the developing world.
So the government may opt for voluntary measures such as auto-enrolment, with the right to impose compulsory saving if they fail.
Faculty are paid extra for work on customised programmes, but not for teaching open-enrolment courses.
Enrolment is stagnant and baptisms are down slightly.
Advocates argued that this showed that microcredit helped increase school enrolment.
Not five years later, this exam for enrolment in high-school included history and geography as well.
Studies have shown this can nearly double the enrolment rate.
It may also explain why post secondary enrolment increased, but so did drop out rates.
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