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Example sentences for enrollment

Customers' irises are scanned into the database at the time of enrollment.
Part-time or full-time enrollment is acceptable as well as enrollment in an accredited film, art or design school.
We address the determinants of resident and nonresident tuition and enrollment at public universities.
The enrollment rosters for community colleges have never been fuller.
After the tightening-up of visa policy, foreign student enrollment has only now recovered to pre-9/11 levels.
Rather their objective has shifted to increased enrollment, so as much, with average quality of graduate students visibly falling.
The policies in question would ban employers from offering employment contracts that don't include automatic enrollment.
There is a lot of talk about school closures, not due to economical reasons, but due to low enrollment.
Nor would enrollment in the skilled trades be falling despite excellent salaries.
Forcing universities to increase enrollment may decrease a degree's value somewhat, but not by much.
Every social science student learns this in his first enrollment year.
But some small colleges have managed to buck that trend, lowering their discount rates while raising enrollment.
Reduced enrollment has far-reaching effects in part because recovering from it is difficult for colleges.
Our adult programs, consequently, are experiencing a steady decrease in enrollment a trend that has been developing for years.
After a decade of record growth, enrollment appears to be slowing down at many of the nation's community colleges.
Enrollment in two-year colleges varies widely from state to state, according to a report being released today.
As a result, enrollment in seminaries is dwindling, and standards for admission are dropping.
Basic information should appear on college websites, enrollment forms, and financial aid statements.
Private colleges are reporting a dip in enrollment as this recession compounds the monetary burden for families.
Vastly expanding college enrollment and completion will do nothing to address this problem.
Even with an open enrollment period, people might wait until they got sick.
The law specifies no minimum enrollment period, and subsidy levels will also change as income rises and falls.
The state agricultural college for this section has an increased enrollment this year.
Enrollment is down to about one thousand six hundred and fifty, due to demographics, but it's still bustling with teenage energy.
Teachers' health-benefit expenses were up nine per cent, city tax revenues were flat, and school enrollment was up.
We suffered some loss of staff and some loss in enrollment because of the lack of funds.
Also, administrations may take great satisfaction in an enormous increase in student enrollment.
So judging the success or failure of science writing on the basis of science subject enrollment or science funding seems unfair.
The real advantage of enrollment is the opportunity to establish personal networks that will help you in business or politics.
For the following two years he studied physical science and math, and used his enrollment to delay conscription into the army.
In the past five years, enrollment at the off-campus sites has nearly doubled, according to college officials.
Use this tool to check your current and future enrollment.
Your enrollment may be based on financial considerations.
School enrollment captures the population who report being enrolled in a regular school.
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