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The basic problem is that colleges receive government money based largely on how many students they enroll.
Having more online courses available does not guarantee that students will chose to enroll in them.
The creativity of migrants is enhanced by their ability to enroll collaborators both far-off and nearby.
Imagine going to the first meeting of a course you'd long waited to enroll in.
In case it wasn't clear, some students enroll in college but are not quite ready for college-level math.
The yield is the percentage of applicants offered admission by a college who have committed to enroll.
Although almost all of its children enroll in primary education, fewer than two-thirds make it to secondary school.
Because he had taken lots of college courses as a high school student, he was able to enroll as a sophomore.
Parents struggle with paperwork to enroll their children in school while simultaneously attempting to locate housing.
So, expect that more students will have had extensive positive quality online experiences before they enroll in higher education.
If foreign-born students cannot legally work here after earning their degrees, fewer will enroll.
But the plan may not be viable for long because insurers cannot add benefits or enroll more people in noncompliant policies.
In addition, many students enroll part time, which can affect their progress toward graduation.
Cost will vary depending on how many you buy, so you probably will have to enroll in college to use one of these.
The bonus grants are intended to make it worth a state's while to enroll and retain eligible children.
To scale good ideas, they must communicate and enroll others in their vision.
Some economists and higher education experts say many teenagers should never enroll in college.
Bright athletes who wish to enroll full time should, of course, be allowed to do so.
They considered voluntary incentives to get healthy people to enroll.
They hoped a few hundred medical students would enroll.
But when she decided to enroll in college, she started to understand why she was always at the bottom of the pay scale.
The first group will enroll this fall, and the program has already started receiving inquiries.
And prospective students have withdrawn applications or refused to enroll.
But federal subsidies, to help pay for insurance, will be available only to people who enroll in health plans through an exchange.
Students who wish to enroll in courses not offered there can get scholarships to study abroad.
They could enroll in the highest introductory-level freshman physics course offered.
They describe it as a crucial marketing hook, a powerful incentive to enroll, and a key retention tool.
Not community colleges, which are expected to enroll a million more students.
And, of course, it prevents others from receiving loans or grants to enroll in college.
In the fall he will enroll at a school that offers a master's degree in advanced education administration.
That's not to suggest college administrators don't want more students to enroll full time and earn a degree within three years.
Most students are in their late teens and enroll straight out of high school.
In the case of expulsion, once the expulsion period is over, the student will be expected to enroll in a school.
If you prefer to enroll by mail, you can download an enrollment form and mail it to us.
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