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Joe repairs equipment in what's called the cascade-a six-hundred-mile complex of pipes which comprises the enrichment system.
The enrichment of homozygotes is unexpected if selection in situ is occurring here.
One might reasonably expect that this means of behavioral enrichment could make the zoo-going public uncomfortable.
Self-enrichment is more important than improving the lives of the poor.
The first was devoted to uranium enrichment, the second to heavy-water production, which is a step toward producing plutonium.
For me as zoologist and curator, it is an enrichment project with some opportunities for behavioral studies.
In other areas highly palatable species will be planted for animal enrichment.
All five zoo events will include enrichment activities with the zoo animals and their keepers.
Blending or hybrid learning does provide real enrichment of content and deeper communication between faculty and student.
Grad school is not all fun and personal enrichment for many people.
Poverty means that enrichment items are not bought, including subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.
What he wants is to give as many students as possible the opportunity for personal enrichment and a brighter future.
The idea is to make such sprays after an enrichment process.
After a few shaking cycles, this leads to an enrichment of large particles near the top.
The elephants are among the animals involved in behavioral enrichment programs at the zoo.
While he denies that any of the money was used for personal enrichment, he also refuses to give details about how it was spent.
But rich countries will gain more than they lose from the enrichment of others.
Newer groups have added a gospel of self-enrichment.
In a country where politicians are prone to self-enrichment, she does not even draw her full salary.
The revolving door, the enrichment that each representative gains from office is obscene.
But the biggest public-private partnership to date led to shameless self-enrichment and disastrous results.
Description of uranium enrichment process, including gaseous diffusion.
Progress is more plausibly judged by the reduction of deprivation than by the further enrichment of the opulent.
Some common themes are creating a nurturing home, striving for career excellence, and focusing on self-expression and enrichment.

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