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Cascade of gas centrifuges used to produce enriched uranium.
My guess is that other faculty are also enriched in their outlooks and interests by such opportunities.
Remarkably, back and forths of that nature did not damage but enriched our relation.
Intellectually, he enriched my thinking immeasurably.
My humanities teachers enriched my life by showing me details and pattern and relations.
But of course this article is enriched with other arguments as well and yields some other thoughts.
Beyond plastic-enriched shorelines, the team found that plastic particles are now common in the high seas.
The enriched gas will likely be incorporated into new generations of stars and planets.
Plus many of the toys and other resources given to the older kids were hand-me-downs, and enriched the lives of the younger ones.
They are all enriched with taurine because the taurine in meat is destroyed when it is cooked.
His journalism was shot through with this quality, enriched by it.
His spleen shrinks substantially, raising the level of oxygen-enriched hemoglobin.
We are enriched by open borders and a lively variety of languages, cultures and regions.
That's a long, long way from the enriched nuclear materials they can use in a bomb.
The enriched system is also incomplete, the infection moving upward by degrees.
He was one-of-a-kind, and my life was enriched for knowing him.
Even the simple act of stargazing is enriched by a knowledge of astronomy.
But the highly enriched variety is one of the two main fuels of atomic bombs.
However, enriched uranium can be used for making nuclear weapons if it is enriched to higher levels.
Anything they grew or manufactured enriched her coffers.
But academics want the historical record enriched, eventually, with as much first-hand testimony as possible.
Some are getting rid of their stocks of highly enriched uranium or plutonium, both used in bombs.
It enriched everyone, the unions grumble, except workers.

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The windy springs and the blazing summers, one after another, had enriched and mellowed that flat tableland... more
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