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Example sentences for enraged

It wouldn't matter if an enraged professor murdered a smart aleck student.
The enraged marchers went on a rampage, setting shops on fire.
It's also the enraged anthem of anyone who's had problems with cell phone reception.
Mind you, these individuals are not out-of-control, enraged people.
Needless to say, libertarians were enraged by the comments.
It was only after a desperate struggle between the police and an armed mob of enraged whites that a lynching was prevented.
The enraged farmers have vowed to set up self-defence groups to protect their land.
But the new curriculum has enraged many parents who find that their children cannot multiply easily or understand basic algebra.
Minnesotans seem mildly exasperated by the situation rather than enraged.
They're enraged because they feel their company is not acknowledging their worth.
Well, technically, someone also favorites the enraged responses of the people who have been so corrected.
Enraged, he disinherited her and sentenced her to banishment.
Some of us are more easily enraged than others, but few are able to stifle rage completely.
He became enraged, his face got red, he was almost spitting.
The enraged cyclist used his bike to batter the motorist's car until a bystander punched him.
Near the scattered bones enraged cattle owners always found the tracks of a huge, two-toed paw.
Once in a while, though, the gods are inadvertently enraged and burn journalists.
While many were enraged by the verdict, she has a fair number of admirers.
She's also known for the extremely emotional nature of her performances, which have fascinated some audiences and enraged others.
The only way to obtain a sample from an enraged elephant is from its feces.
Humiliated and enraged, he walked to the police station, poured fuel over his body and set himself on fire.
He flung loose from her, enraged, and told her not to touch him again.
Last year, teens' rowdy and violent behavior both enraged and frightened local residents as well as created public safety issues.
They are enraged that their life has been disrupted and that they no longer feel safe or in control.
The dream grew out of an experience that enraged her.
Today it is common to hear of someone becoming enraged while driving.
Their parents' moods can change instantly from loving to enraged.

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