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Example sentences for enrage

Nor was there in the question put by the clergyman anything likely to enrage him.
May further enrage colleague, but your clear, calm response will not get you into trouble.
Whether fancy or skunked, words that enrage or distract will get in the way of the message.
When you obsess over and enrage yourselves over such things, you create an ugly work environment.
The hunter stamped on some of the nearest ants, then moved away, so as not to enrage himself further.
Good lists engage readers, enrage them and flatter their ability to think of better examples.
Experts routinely warn companies not to get caught with lax policies, which can enrage juries and inflate settlement costs.
Attempts to increase drink duty normally enrage the struggling pub industry.
Political power has forced the party to make compromises that enrage ideologues.
Deficit reduction is popular in principle but will enrage lobbies.
Few books have so bitingly and energetically captured the hunger for status and success that animate the city and enrage so many.
But don't ask him how he wants to be remembered, unless you want to enrage him.
Such unlawful acts serve only to further enrage our populace.
It could cause a rally-around-the-flag response or could be used by the regime to further enrage the population against us.

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I advise you to go on living solely to enrage those who are paying your annuities. It is the only pleasure ... more
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