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Remarkably enough, nobody's doing a thing about it.
Despite those imperfections, her performance was good enough to win.
The gypsy moth problem began innocently enough.
There's simply not enough time.
Worried or not, rich or poor, most people haven't done enough about retirement.
Apply enough water to wet the entire root zone and to encourage deep rooting.
Good enough to eat right off the plant when picked at peak ripeness.
There is only one appliance, a high-quality grill large enough to handle several cooking tasks at once.
It was expensive to maintain and took up too much of the yard, she says, not allowing enough space for gardening.
They're tall enough to have some presence and stems long enough to cut, but they're still compact enough not to need staking.
Funnel narrow enough to fit securely into your bottles.
It's special enough for company, still simple enough for weeknights.
Each frame starts with a ready-made open-backed cube or shadow box deep enough to hold a small saucer.
All the comforts of civilization but rustic enough to remind you nature is all around you.
If you have a sunny space for a pot on your patio or deck, you have enough room to grow summer vegetables.
It's different enough that people notice but familiar enough not to be intimidating.
Pure white flower clusters are carried on stems long enough to cut for bouquets.
The spicy, garlicky cream sauce in this recipe makes this chicken special enough for summer entertaining.
Whether you water by drip or by hose, water long enough to moisten the entire root area.
Whether or not this time frame is good enough is still unknown.
Sure enough, under a microscope, it appeared that the bone was filled with red disks.
Some college students are fortunate enough to have access to a communal kitchen space in their dorm.
The site is remote enough that only a few archaeologists had ever been there.
There will be people crazy enough to make this stuff up and others gullible enough to believe it.
Here, wind-whipped tides can build seas big enough to capsize small boats and currents strong enough to drive big ships aground.
And many of these processes are big enough that even people in industrialized nations cannot protect themselves.
As if our kids don't already have enough problems with body image.
For many students and their families, scraping together the money to pay for college is a big enough hurdle on its own.
Lawmakers, in particular, are looking for evidence that professors are doing enough work to justify their salaries.
If the bar is set low enough, virtually anyone can enroll.
Even if you radically accept that you'll never know enough about this field either, there's still much to learn.
We share the same discipline and are fortunate enough to teach at the same university.
Even if you aren't close enough to consider one another friends, you'll still feel betrayed.
If it's bad enough, it makes you lose confidence in that source of journalism generally.
Only in medicine, other sciences, and business and financial studies is it high enough to be worthwhile.
Nor do companies seem to have given enough thought to dealing with important demographic shifts.
Computers have hugely increased the availability of information, raising the demand for those sharp enough to make sense of it.
The projects financed by these loans make fiscal sense as long as they add enough to the local tax base to cover their costs.
Surface water, though, is not enough to meet farmers' needs.
Barely enough battery to last through a typical day.
They sound a bit muffled, but they pump out enough volume to annoy the neighbors properly.
Water shortages could mean trouble in our race to find enough clean energy to fuel the planet.
Awesome enough at sea, hurricanes offer a variety of threats to land-dwellers.
Sure enough, he says, closer inspection revealed physical differences that proved that each of the four was a unique species.
The incredibly toxic venom of the geographic cone snail has to be strong enough to paralyze instantly.
At first, a knife and an old shirt were enough to purchase a horse.
They simply lacked film that was fast enough to give them a fast shutter speed.
They live in burrows where predators can't reach them and their pincers are large and strong enough to smash prey.
When stiff enough to spread, put a thin coating over cake.
Add enough boiling water to cover, and simmer until chicken is tender.
For whom sword and courage are not enough, corslet and lance will not be enough.
Remove oysters with skimmer and add enough cream to liquor to make a cupful.
Thicken with one-fourth cup flour, diluted with enough cold water to form a thin smooth paste.
Set in pan of ice-water and beat until thick enough to hold its shape.
Put into a preserving kettle, and add enough water to nearly cover.
Whoever serves well and says nothing makes claim enough.
Mix ingredients in the order given and cook in double boiler until thick enough to spread.
Add enough melted butter to make mixture of the right consistency to shape.
There may be enough oil to there to make some companies and some individuals a lot of money.
It is not simply that now we're clever enough to identify these things.
The company also claims the suit is agile enough to play soccer and climb stairs and ramps.
Some other parents uneasy about the increase in vaccine dosing in childhood say one injection is good enough.
Of course, the lack of food in some parts of the world isn't down to there not being enough of the stuff anyway.
Two hundred years ago it was enough to rely on natural advantages to build a great city.
Clouds are composed primarily of small water droplets and, if it's cold enough, ice crystals.
Lives can be shattered with a single punch, and the hospital bills alone are enough to destroy a family.
If they inject it into the right kind of geological structure, and deep enough below the surface, it stays there.
For everyone else, a vigorous, tech-driven higher-education marketplace can't come soon enough.
They're not hiring because there is not enough lending.
Firms aren't hiring because the demand they're seeing is weak enough that their current employees produce enough already.
Art itself could be the crime-could be scary and dangerous enough to shoulder my rebellion.
With enough resources, a damaged region can reconstruct itself with surprising speed.
He ought to have written the collector down for an oaf and a bully-he had painted enough in his years-and forgotten the matter.
Their audiences are solid enough that only a decade of white-noise albums might drive them away.
He has spoken often of chance encounters with aliens, some of whom have been kind enough to invite him onto their space ships.
The hundred-and-twenty-nine-dish menu is long enough to be paralyzing, and can be perilously unpredictable.
If the author does that kind of stuff well enough, he starts counting as literature.
But if you were close enough to touch, you'd be entirely squished by the gravity.
We think at the present time that there is not enough dark matter plus light to halt the expansion.
Eventually, they get big enough to be aided by their gravity, so they grow even faster.
Her new fake oviducts were strong enough to handle the drakes, and she started filming.
Enough to cast a shadow, which would actually be pretty cool.
He argues that even a six-mile-wide asteroid could not stir up enough dust to create a global shroud.
The big surprise is that natural selection happens fast enough in bacteria for us to witness in a few months or years.
Besides being a blinding star in the sky, it might be bright enough to visibly light up surfaces at night.
If a small planet or moon was close enough to a brown dwarf would it receive sufficient heat and light to possibly harbor life.
She raised her eyebrows a few millimeters, not even enough to wrinkle her forehead.
So some scientists have wondered how big whales manage to put enough tiny bits of food in their bodies to get to such huge sizes.
It also has the advantage of being small enough not to look too crowded.
Conversely, when humans are subjected to high pressure, nerve cell membranes probably don't leak enough.
The panel concluded that there was not enough evidence to connect the drugs with suicide, and the controversy subsided.
Of course in politics the sample size is small enough that trends are trends until they're not.
We have become intelligent enough to outcompete all other organisms on the planet.
But it wasn't bad enough to take the blame for the loss either.
At that size, the device would be small enough to be inserted via catheter, rather than invasive surgery.
The trouble comes if you're not good enough to make a difference.
But such technological improvements aren't quite enough to open up the market.
However it isn't a likely contributor, and pristine abiogenesis seems simple enough.
When the current applied by the gate is high enough, electrons flow through the channel between the source and drain electrodes.
But now the technology is advancing far enough for production runs in niche markets such as medical devices.
The consequent change of government and drastic budgetary measures have been described well enough in any number of newspapers.
Stare long enough at a single sentence, and you'll catch a clinker.
He has quite enough reason to lie awake about the winners.
Moral philosophers, naturally enough, want to make ethics look good.
He should therefore be smart enough to know that you are not going to learn anything about literature from science fiction.
Complicated though this question is, some elements of its solution are clear enough.
He is a journalist and not a scientist, but he understands enough of the science to get the details right.
Though it was not as if he hadn't left us enough to read.
No benefits can be paid if you do not have enough credits.
Get enough calcium every day to keep your bones strong.
It takes time, and lots of it, and some mothers are barely able to produce enough milk.
According to a burgeoning body of research, children who don't sleep enough may be at risk for health problems later in life.
More important, the previously blind dogs could see well enough to navigate through a maze.
Light a fire well over to one side of your grill, using enough coals to fill a shoebox.
We can't emphasize enough that you shouldn't be alarmed at the wetness of the dough.
With a solid crust, the center of the pie's filling wasn't getting hot enough, and the pie's filling ended up being too runny.
Put ginger in a small skillet with enough cold water to cover.
But enough to buy that rug out there, which is an expensive rug, so please do not put your shoes on it.
Definitely enough to keep us speeding recklessly down the road to revenge.
He was the only celebrity that, if you were devoted enough, he would let you into his house.

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