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Example sentences for enlivened

The spray enlivened the animals' immune systems and made antibiotics much more effective.
Mercifully, it's a supremely readable book, enlivened by weird science and slap-shot one-liners.
They are only enlivened by technical hitches and the occasional political rant by a drunken winner.
It has brought a wide variety of people together for a common purpose and has enlivened the counties.
It's been a good day, enlivened by another two-hour encounter with a group of fearless chimps.
When the acidity is present, the wine is in better balance and your palate is enlivened.
Service was family-style, enlivened by lots of wine-toting table hoppers.
But the forthcoming summer may be enlivened by the presence of these prodigious talents.
The hotel has five reasonably priced rooms and occupies a plain, two-story building enlivened by blue shutters.
Dress varied somewhat, but was generally dark and serious, enlivened occasionally by candy green galoshes.
The basic white grain spirit is enlivened by the slightly exotic flavors of juniper and other botanicals.
Soon it enlivened dishes as diverse as barbecue sauce and mayonnaise.
Perfectly fried, with a crispy exterior that yields to a moist interior enlivened with bits of corn and hints of onion.
Last week hockey news was enlivened by two incidents.
Band music has enlivened the festivities since the early years.
In manner she enlivened social gatherings with a captivating mixture of spontaneity and poise.
Dances and socials, though sometimes marred by brawling inebriates, enlivened the long winter nights.
Insightful guidance on everything from orientation to termination is enlivened by case illustrations and sample dialogues.
At the same time, the historical record has always been enlivened by eyewitness accounts.
The pedestrian-friendly environment is enlivened by light and water in the landscape.
In essence, this is an updated and enlivened chalkboard or overhead transparency projector.
The cream brick walls are enlivened with red brick banding and accents and extensive limestone banding and trim.
The posts, which are enlivened by fancy chamfering, are said to have been carved on the farm.

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