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Example sentences for enliven

Evocative pictures and words to enliven an ordinary day.
Open-flame braziers enliven pool courtyard and alfresco restaurant.
The city's murals can enliven an otherwise drab location.
Archival photos and personal accounts by disc jockeys who worked at the station enliven the story.
The pretense lacks standing even among pretenses, and a faith must be induced before its removal can enliven us.
The caricature is unfair, but it could enliven what has been a largely issueless election.
Dozens of colorful and distinctive galleries enliven the downtown area.
Presidential candidates and protesters will enliven conference.
In the process, the two enliven the drab existence of the other incapacitated residents.
The beans managed to be soft without getting all mushy, and they were seasoned enough to enliven the bland tortillas.
Some shore-based sight-seeing is included, while cultural programs and traditional dances enliven the evenings.
Their goal: to enliven biology and to connect kids to nature.
Large-scale photographs and touchable artifacts enliven the discussion.
Their contributions enrich our national tapestry and enliven our national conversation.
Well-designed streetscapes look good and enliven shopping districts and neighborhoods.
Play can enliven that which seems uninteresting, add humor, and infuse creativity into rigid and dry topics.
In distant bluffs, small touches of color enliven the luminous haze.
Numerous towns and forts along the route are named, and houses, boats and other details enliven the design.
She strives to combine the literal subject with hints of lines and objects that enliven the background.

Famous quotes containing the word enliven

I shall endeavour to enliven Morality with Wit, and to temper Wit with Morality, that my Readers may, if po... more
Nevertheless, in order to imbue civilization with sound principles and enliven it with the spirit of the go... more
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