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They demand thought and they serve to quicken the conscience and enlist our sense of responsibility for their settlement.
Five lobbying firms are busily at work, and an online effort to enlist support is under way.
But it doesn't have to be-if you enlist the experts.
If you care so much about who is right and who is wrong, enlist or shut up.
If you are friendly with your neighbors, you can enlist them and their property into the game.
Enlist kids to turn off lights when no one is in the room.
We can also enlist others to help us in this process.
If they tell you to take a hike, though, it's time to enlist some free legal aid.
Another, opposite tactic is to enlist the help of disinterested outsiders.
It is also a chance to enlist the support of an interested professor.
The state will pay more for a stranger to look after your children than if you do it yourself, or enlist a friend or relative.
So maybe that explains why the agency opted to enlist some awesomely bad superhero acronyms to characterize the way-out endeavors.
Its the kids from the small towns who enlist in the miliary in order to have a brighter future.
Again enlist the help of friends and family if you can.
Try to enlist the chair and perhaps some of the committee members ahead of time.
They enlist neighbors to star in the films and help produce them.
He also, at his father's urging, decided to enlist a patent lawyer to help him apply for a patent on the rocket camera.
Now the scientists had some startup cash, but they also needed hardware-and for that, they had to enlist the military.
Normally, it is necessary to enlist the help of a second card holder to facilitate the exchange.
They do not really want to enlist or persuade--they want to maintain difference.
Lambert's background was typical of that of many youths who enlist in the military.
Cautious optimism about the latest efforts to enlist the immune system.
Only then, enlist an artillery of tried-and-true stink busters.
The idea is not to humiliate, but to alert co-workers and enlist their help in finding solutions.
The goal was to enlist ordinary citizens to make them shareholders in the war effort.

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