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Example sentences for enlightening

Dedicated to providing community centers that are enlightening, educational, and entertaining.
His point of view, however, spoiled an otherwise enlightening article.
There is so much horror in the world today that involving oneself in another animal that is threatened is enlightening.
Even if the book doesn't change your life, it's both enlightening and erudite.
His thoughts on the creative process are so enlightening.
Visit one near you for a fun and enlightening day trip.
His response to the lecture was both enlightening and troubling.
We all look to cogent or enlightening commentary in a science magazine.
To all: your comments were more enlightening than the article.
For anyone interested in the power of words this is an enlightening read cs.
It has been a good spirited and enlightening discussion.
Encouraging creativity and enlightening the minds ensure their ability to complete required coursework.
These three-dimensional images are both exquisite and enlightening.
Presentations in my own session, however, were enlightening.
Such books make enlightening historical foot notes, even if they themselves are occasionally in need of a footnote or two.
However, those that succeed in making sense of some aspect of global culture can be both enlightening and memorable.
It is an enlightening, though eerie, experience to read this book at the present moment.
Far from enlightening investors, it will confuse them.
It would be enlightening if you could include some measure of poverty rates compared to food subsidies.
Your reasoning, logic and clarity regarding these issues is refreshing and enlightening.
The author joins in this ancient ritual and finds the worlds within more terrifying-and enlightening-than ever imagined.
Children will cherish the poster-quality photos, and they'll soak up the enlightening information without even realizing it.
Her photographic skills allow her to take pictures that are intimate and enlightening.
Long in the making, the series looks well produced, immensely enlightening and even captivating.
There's also an enlightening forum on the subject here.
Anyone interested in how our courts became what they are, and why they do what they do, will find his book enlightening.
His perspective is both interesting and enlightening.
In nonfiction, the boundaries one works within can be liberating and truly enlightening.
Your notions when it comes to fresh modes through this material experienced enlightening and a amazing help myself.
Your ideas upon new techniques on this subject matter were enlightening and a terrific help to myself.
It was that second tour of duty that was somewhat enlightening.
Taken in small bits, it makes for enlightening reading.
It was so enlightening to work with the guys over the winter and see how their minds work.
Sharing our stories has been both enlightening and cathartic.
Reading through the comments here is also a bit enlightening.
There are times when personal anecdote is helpful, informative, enlightening.
Yet one student's response has been particularly enlightening.
Some of comments in here have been rather enlightening.
It is enlightening to see such reaction from highly educated people.
Focusing on plain language in my research and consulting work has been enlightening.
Of course, sometimes even information is more obfuscating than enlightening.
While their meandering, dotty conversation is endearing and enlightening, following along is an exercise in stamina.
It would be much more enlightening to ask them something that actually matters for their life.
Your ideas with new techniques with this area were enlightening and a great help to myself.
Seriously, it has been enjoyable and enlightening to revisit key moments in the show's history.
The album is inconsistent--sometimes impenetrable, sometimes enlightening--but always engaged.
The result is an elegantly written, meticulously researched book that is empathetic and enlightening, scholarly and useful.
They can provide information on living skills, enlightening the community, and even setting up organizations.
Drivers can find useful and enlightening video clips that will help hone their driving skills.

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