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But there's no harm in some enlightened and educated guessing.
Thanks for all of these conflicting and enlightened arguments.
Now you're no more enlightened and facing late fees from two places.
More awards to individuals who have in one way or another enlightened the public were announced yesterday.
They are not enlightened new procedures for protecting students from crime.
The benefits to guests of synchronizing some of the ratings would be immediate, because travelers would be enlightened.
All enlightened cultures respect education and the freedom of information that goes with it.
It was not a gimmick at all, but an enlightened fix.
Perhaps it's pride of place, or plain old enlightened self-interest.
We are not producing an enlightened and engaged citizenry.
In these more enlightened times, she might well have got off on grounds of provocation.
The pinnacle of enlightened skepticism, if you ask me.
The difference is, this year a few of these enlightened souls are somewhat technologically savvy.
Your strength and courage has enlightened us and will last forever.
We're a wealthy nation and a surplus of enlightened mail carriers seems low on the list of problems to solve.
And some enlightened developers are employing an artist at the same time as their architect.
Better yet, he's practically enlightened when it comes to downloading.
Firms often put short-term interests before their more financially and socially enlightened long-term interests.
There are an amazing number of them of these enlightened times.
The kind of self-interest that advances the public good is rational and enlightened.
Enlightened self-interest, he believes, should help in making people want to make his ideas work.
But those benefits are of course for other, less enlightened peoples.
Fortunately, there are also green shoots of such enlightened leadership.
But that does not fully discharge the enlightened company's debt to society.
It would seem logical that certain segments of our society are already enlightened.
He was committed to enlightened exchange among artists and scholars, who will be his living legacy.
These were small films that enlightened members of the army as to how and why their local commissary could benefit them.
The violent north-west is screaming for more enlightened and steadier policies than the army has applied.
Maybe he was enlightened by the backchannel chatter.
The general has a more enlightened understanding of the army's role than did some of his predecessors.
Educating citizens is a social good that provides the foundation for an enlightened society.
Alas, it is a rare boss who has so enlightened a sense of self-interest.
Not that his approach was persuasive or led to enlightened thinking on your part.
Rattling off a list of isms does not make you sound more enlightened.
Any great show will inevitably bring up more questions for enlightened individuals.
What we've forgotten is the notion of enlightened coexistence.
If critical paranoia poisoned visual and imaginative pleasure, that was unavoidable: a toll of enlightened consciousness.
Many of the more enlightened aspects of our view of the physical city today trace back to those years.
One has to cultivate an enlightened disregard for history in these science towns.
And for every one enlightened, there will be an abundance of those for whom reason is a feeble resource.
The rest of us will be enlightened, and you will rich and famous.
Now that's an enlightened statement, coming from a publication aimed at academics.
And there's nothing to say the replacements will be all that enlightened.
The real task is to get them to act in their enlightened long-term self-interest, rather than narrowly and in the short term.
Positive civic action can arise only from enlightened citizens.
It is worth adding that not all the actions of developing-country governments have been equally enlightened.
Enlightened adventure travel creates the opportunity for both local and outside investment to support a particular economy.
Senator's reputation as an enlightened tech user gets bashed.
The proper inference from our work is not that one group is more enlightened, or less.
All ages imagine themselves more enlightened-and at the same time, no doubt, more depraved-than their predecessors.
In that country, the duels of past generations would reappear in a more enlightened format.
In the middle, where there are open minds willing to be enlightened, the typical response is to switch off.
The general will is always in the right, but the judgment which guides it is not always enlightened.
By pious reading the mind is instructed and enlightened, and the affections of the heart are purified and inflamed.
Experience has enlightened us on some questions of essential importance to the country.
For this self-trust, the reason is deeper than can be fathomed, darker than can be enlightened.
The new were more enlightened, the old were more venerable.
In proportion as they grew enlightened, they grew industrious.
Industry grew perfect in proportion as the mind became more enlightened.
He is making a deliberate attempt to recast his father's reputation-from merciless thug to enlightened buccaneer.
Indeed, in its advanced form the principle of enlightened tolerance simply refuses to take such questions seriously.
Those who have faith consider themselves enlightened.
We are tempted to think of all of this as ancient history, and irrelevant to our more enlightened times.
Not all of us humans would surrender our sovereignty because you are uber-enlightened.
When your spirit is enlightened then and only then are you able to see clearly.
Those who disagree are portrayed as idiots or morons for daring to question the enlightened among us.
Enlightened private-sector organizations-both companies and not-for-profits-have long used plain language.
But if there's a case of enlightened business self-interest, this is probably it.
Most enlightened employers, however, try to make work available for their injured employees whenever they can.
Subjects must have given their free and enlightened consent and have signed the consent form.
The human family has taken tentative steps in this enlightened direction.
He may have been after something more enlightened than an empire.
Whether you feel enlightened or swindled is your call.

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