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You'll probably want to click on this one so you can enlarge and actually read it.
They discover and promote emerging talent, and help established designers refine and enlarge their aesthetic and commercial goals.
Hilarity in a cramped space, which fame cannot enlarge.
It should identify its interests and acquire the means to protect them as necessary and enlarge them as feasible.
Before puberty they are of small size, but enlarge as the generative organs become more completely developed.
Two movable iron cheeks or plates, still used in cooking-stoves to enlarge or contract the grate at pleasure.
To enlarge its limits is to extend the dominions of peace over additional territories and increasing millions.
The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.
To educate the intelligence is to enlarge the horizon of its desires and wants.
The excursions you take may or may not enlarge your topic, but they will certainly enrich it.
Symptoms are small dead patches of lawn that appear in spring and enlarge during summer.
Because of this damage, the cells stop dividing and enlarge before they ultimately die.
Click the arrows in the lower-left corner to enlarge.
But those reliefs are mostly redundant: they enlarge the tax code but do no real harm.
Better to enlarge the current body to include the world's biggest dozen economies.
Too many mysteries of the deep remain unexplained and, anyway, no country turns down a chance to enlarge its sovereignty.
They enlarge the world, make us aware of the aspects that do not fit our purposeful careers or our selective view of usefulness.
Conservators constantly try to enlarge their repertoire of treatments.
When the larva hatches, it performs some renovations, cutting a hole in the roof and enlarge the structure with their own poo.
Some users may desire to enlarge text on their computer screen to view it more clearly.

Famous quotes containing the word enlarge

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