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With space for lounging and for the children to play, the garden has provided more enjoyment than the couple ever expected.
Which suggests that it's the feeling of losing money during leisure activities that causes the drop in enjoyment.
Here are three expeditions that offer natural beauty, enjoyment and meaningful participation.
Get them to the point where they read for enjoyment.
Our sense of taste and enjoyment tells us what to eat.
There's still an enjoyment to be had in reading hardcover books and physically turning the page.
The enjoyment of power is another characteristic human trait, which may have some relevance here.
Making it to this day of the week, our hearts are finally quivering with enjoyment.
And even if it isn't, all that enjoyment must be curtailed for morality's sake.
The corrections and comments also sparked interest and enjoyment.
My teaching is suffering, as is my enjoyment of family life, and my research agenda is entirely stalled.
It is only work if the moments of pain and torture drastically outweigh the moments of enjoyment.
It spoils the enjoyment of a campus tour if your visitor is hobbling around in slick-soled shoes.
Then you are allowed to spend a little something on personal enjoyment.
Being cute can definitely help in terms of my personal enjoyment.
It exists for the enjoyment of the faculty and that is scarce reason for continuation.
If the self is to survive, it must be aroused by an experience more vital and bracing than pleasure or enjoyment.
The benefits are holistic and the interactive program adds to the enjoyment and engaging nature of this dynamic form of exercise.
Regardless of the cause, decreased taste and smell can lessen your interest and enjoyment in eating.
Human music is a vehicle for personal and collective enjoyment and expression, and a means to transcend time and place.
No mere dry treatise, the film endeavors to convey the fun and enjoyment of photography to the uninitiated.
One suspects, indeed, that these books were devised almost as much for his own enjoyment as for his readers'.
The degree of perseverance required soon gives way to enjoyment as accuracy and scores improve.
But when it came time to eat the chips, the chocolate and sardines scenarios had zero effect on actual enjoyment.
The ceiling isn't the ideal placement for audiophile music enjoyment anyway.
For clarity, this was not supposed to be a project for years of enjoyment.
The time of year can play a huge role in the enjoyment of a cruise.
New technologies hold promise of more fan enjoyment.
There are hiking trails and abundant flower gardens in the vicinity for the enjoyment of guests.
Sampling foods from new places can be part of the enjoyment, and and does not have to be outrageously expensive.
The room decor and surrounding hotel area embody a tropical theme for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.
Pay for the charter to allow complete enjoyment of the left-breaking waves that roll over a reef.
There is a solarium and a large fireplace in the common area of the hotel for the enjoyment of all guests.
Amenities include a large heated outdoor pool and extensive landscaped grounds for your enjoyment.
Kids will enjoy the game room and the hotel maintains a public pool and hot tub for the enjoyment of all guests.
The lightweight, durable, weather resistant construction ensures years of enjoyment.
These require warm, sunny weather for maximum enjoyment.
The grounds contain a playground, and both a game room and an activity room are supplied for guest enjoyment.
The solid chocolate can also be melted for enjoyment, and swirled with cream and spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon.
Picnic areas, a gift shop and pond are also available for guest enjoyment.
There is a heated pool outdoors for the enjoyment of guests.
The work environment requires enjoyment of the outdoors and the flexibility to live in small spaces.
Both beer and spirits are available for dine-in or at-home enjoyment.
While the lake does not contain any actual chocolate, it does offer the enjoyment of water sports and other aquatic recreation.
Previous research has shown that this region is involved in enjoyment or satisfaction.
Dopamine is released in times of enjoyment and might serve to reinforce compulsive behavior such as gambling.
Music and its enjoyment were part and parcel of the spirit.
One of the great effects and revelations of the editing experience was that it sharpened my enjoyment of food.
The island is beautiful but the teams long nightly hours leave little or no time for enjoyment in paradise.
There were numerous excursions offered for our enjoyment.
To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it.
Life is not mere existence, but the enjoyment of health.
There is no lustre in money unless it derives its lustre from moderate enjoyment.
The one thing that marred my enjoyment of this life of freedom was my vain struggle to master the art of cookery in its elements.
Railway and steamboat journeys were, of course, predestined through the ages as aids to the enjoyment of reading.
The exclusive in fashionable life does not see that he excludes himself from enjoyment, in the attempt to appropriate it.
By welfare, he means roughly enjoyment or satisfaction.
His enjoyment of life is intensified, not undermined, by the absence of a homeland.
Sadly, for me, this intentional oversight attenuates my enjoyment of the article.
He was following a course of emetics, and so both ate and drank with uninhibited enjoyment.
When used in moderation it is joyful enjoyment that can even be beneficial for health.
People sought enjoyment and satisfaction more and more through individual pursuits, rather than in families.
Enjoyment is the benefit with which you weigh the downsides.
Now people care less about goods per se, and more about how much enjoyment they get from a good.
The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental human rights.
Pain is subjective and matters desperately, as does the enjoyment of a contented life.
Allow all people equal enjoyment of the fruits of their personal labors and investments so long as they live.
To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it.
But to overcome hyperopia and deliver that enjoyment, the commitment had to be binding.
Children recognize early on that play is an opportunity for pure enjoyment, whereas games may involve considerable stress.
It's not as if children are making choices about food and enjoyment in a vacuum.
But if you ask me, when it comes to pork, there is no relation between price per pound and enjoyment.
Social influence is another obvious dimension to our enjoyment of food.
My mind has been consumed with nothing but thoughts of spending, purchasing, and the wanton enjoyment of unnecessary goods.
The grilled ciabatta was delicious and gooey, but the charred crusts of the bread detracted from pure enjoyment.
If there is something to do, then it will become an addiction to somebody because it is enjoyment to them.
Fall features four meteor showers for your evening enjoyment.
Such arguments are often made out of either self-interest or a pathological enjoyment of suffering.
Moderate light pollution won't really affect your enjoyment of the planets and bright stars at all.
We say the show is for six-year olds, but the enjoyment in age range is ridiculous because parents are enjoying it for themselves.
If the movie is entertaining it rarely effects my enjoyment of a movie.
To place all individuals in a state of musical enjoyment would not be to play one type of music to all of them.
There are a handful of technical issues that impede my enjoyment.
Obstacles to the continuance of such enjoyment may be listed in no especial order as follows.
Fear makes your enjoyment of the scenery more intense.
What follows is a helpful guide to make sure that your own ignorance does not stand in the way of your enthusiasm or enjoyment.
They sing, of all things, for the sheer enjoyment of it.
People collect art, buying it for their own enjoyment.
Whether shopping or dining out, new food discoveries add to our enjoyment.
Allow yourself to spend time on a pursuit whose only outcome is fun and enjoyment.

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