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Example sentences for enjoyable

At room temperature, the mead was tolerable, but not enjoyable.
We never really talk or ask about the enjoyable side of it.
What an enjoyable article, it was great fun to visit these old saloons vicariously.
These areas, which are also lively during the day, offer the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable evening.
The contact with the monkeys is really special and enjoyable.
My choice is to have a more enjoyable and modest lifestyle for myself.
Except for jumping any fence put up, he is a well-behaved and enjoyable dog.
Our grandparents rode the rails, but actually talked to their fellow commuters or read the paper which can be enjoyable too.
It's something that's enjoyable, and you're creating something that other people can benefit from.
The other might choose to teach high school instead, giving up fortune for a job he or she feels is more rewarding or enjoyable.
Perseverance is easily acquired around enjoyable activities such as chosen play.
They could promote sensible eating as enjoyable, rather than as a punishment.
As for the sport itself, it is actually quite enjoyable for spectators, and more subtle than casual observers might believe.
But an overstimulation of any kind, be it toxic or enjoyable, can produce the same reaction.
Using the right tool for the job can make grading much easier and more enjoyable.
Outside of that group, the students will be much more enjoyable to teach, in my view.
It also helps if they know how to make committee meetings enjoyable, or even fun.
Enjoyable but not a helpful model for academic writers.
Your schedule sounds exhausting and not always enjoyable.
Many of these programs include enjoyable visualizations of your progress and the option of setting reminders.
Also one of their less risque, but no less enjoyable, works.
Academic life should be pretty creative, relaxing and enjoyable.
The harmonies are slightly befuddled and the playing is enjoyable but not entirely compelling.
Since his retirement, she says, her job has been to make his life as enjoyable as she can.
The picture is awfully, solemnly silly, but it's enjoyable and even rather stirring.
Most were quickly diffused, and many were highly enjoyable.
Overindulging in wine or spirits often makes the following morning much less enjoyable.
For those in outlying areas with minimal exposure risk, one proffered solution might even be enjoyable: drink red wine.
Still, except for that point, this an informative and enjoyable piece.
The music is appropriate in tone: light, simple, enjoyable and not overwhelming.
Kate, thank you for an enjoyable and thought-provoking commentary.
It is an interesting, unexpected expression of hemp, enjoyable even without its famous effects.
Opaline is more raucous than intimate, an enjoyable place to eat with a group.
Choose a number of different physical activities that are personally enjoyable such as sports, dancing, or biking.
Even enjoyable, notwithstanding the frightening prospects in store for the planet, even in some of the better scenarios.
It is often true that sport at this point ceases to be enjoyable and becomes a business.
The campground staff supervises the activities to make them safe and enjoyable for everyone.
There is no shortage of enjoyable, children-oriented activities to do with families.
Staying informed on the go has never been this quick, easy or enjoyable.
The invention of the iPod has made the life of the traveler more enjoyable overall, particularly when traveling.
If you're new to traveling with kids, however, it's easy to overlook ways to make the vacation more enjoyable for all.
Staying informed has never been this quick, easy, or enjoyable.
They can be enjoyable and educational, teaching children and adults how animals live and what care they require.
Maneuvering with the touch-based joysticks is tricky, but the games were still enjoyable.
While enjoyable to look at, coral reefs hold some danger for scuba divers and snorkelers taking in their beauty.
Dining at local restaurants is an enjoyable way to soak up culture.
We do want to know what has happened, and the story unfolds in some surprising, enterprising and enjoyable ways.
What is enjoyable is not so much finding out who the villain is, but hearing the detectives explain their reasoning.
It is not an enjoyable read, but it is stirring and unforgettable.
There are so many things that you can occupy yourself with that are far more enjoyable than pretty much any job.
Important figures are introduced only to vanish from the scene a couple of pages later, but it is an enjoyable read, nonetheless.
For many, speculating about the future can be an enjoyable conversation.
It is not an enjoyable read, and certainly not a light one.
He scores quite well on each count, having produced a concise history coloured by many enjoyable anecdotes.
It might be one of those processes that in itself is not enjoyable, but necessary to go through.
Acting may be a job to them, but it should also be enjoyable.
His account is impressively honest and hugely enjoyable.
There are some landscapes in the show which are rather fine, meaning enjoyable to look at.
In an oeuvre characterised by so little reiteration, the echo is enjoyable.
And relaxing in the evenings while being groomed and nit-picked for fleas was surprisingly enjoyable.
These cars have the potential to make our roads safer, our commutes more enjoyable and our lives richer.
On the highway, the car was enjoyable and easy to drive, if not thrilling.
Rarely is sleeping so enjoyable to watch as when the sleeper is a bear.
It helps if you have an appreciation for puns and food humor, but even apart from that the game is quite enjoyable.
It was a good scene, on the border between tough-to-watch and enjoyable.
One has multiple enjoyable but confusing plot twists, and one is a well done but ultimately straightforward action movie.
Despite their duties, the princes manage to find time for more enjoyable pursuits.
Because watching movies and making movies are enjoyable things to do.
Many thanks for all the enjoyable moments you've provided over the years.
Nevertheless, the overall result was quite enjoyable and put a smile in my face.
Some of you might find this presentation too precious and extravagant to be enjoyable.
If any disgruntled people stop reading you're blog, then they'll be missing an enjoyable and informative read.
But for many park users, an enjoyable ritual of summer has already been ruined.
Nevertheless, the experience could become enjoyable.
Renewing ahead of time ensures enjoyable winter travel.
Taking a flight anywhere these days is about as enjoyable as gum surgery.
Any sentient viewer will be able to predict every lumpy twist of this ludicrous, fitfully enjoyable movie.
It's slightly softer and greasier now, in an enjoyable way.
Nights on call tended to be less punishing, if not enjoyable.

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