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Nor had he any mind of marriage, or to enjoy the benefit of children, wherein many did repute him the wiser.
Take a short hike to enjoy the view and Bhutan's magnificent forests.
Travelers on a budget can still enjoy the Danish capital.
Passengers enjoy inflight phones.
In this counting tale, kindergartners enjoy spring.
You will enjoy yourself and your companions more.
I've always had a penchant for physics and simply enjoy understanding .
Have a great day, and enjoy the beauty of life's journey..
People are pretty bad at predicting how much they will enjoy future experiences, which tends to lead to disappointment.
And the students seemed to enjoy the experience, too.
Both print and digital subscribers enjoy the benefits of full digital access.
They simply enjoy tasks that are drudgery to normal people.
Pro-junta parties enjoy access to official media, unlike the opposition.
Their management will enjoy more autonomy, but they will be subjected to thorough audits.
Companies that move first will enjoy lots of advantages.
The health-care industry will enjoy steady growth, helped by an ageing population and the ever-increasing cost of new treatments.
And now they enjoy an implicit blanket guarantee of all their liabilities, allowing them to borrow cheaply.
By bestowing on them the rights and protections that people enjoy, this legal innovation gave the company the freedom to flourish.
What one may see as crowding and a wearisome din, another will enjoy as a charming expression of the city's energy.
But that is all the more reason to ensure that the savings and insurance units do not continue to enjoy subsidies too.
Lost is so opaque that you need networked smarts to fully enjoy it.
Honda's latest concept drives itself, letting you to literally kick back and enjoy the ride.
For many diners who enjoy beans, the side effects can be somewhat unpleasant--the legumes are notorious for causing flatulence.
Because if you don't enjoy it, you won't do a good job and you won't learn science.
Most of us living in the developed world enjoy an unprecedentedly high standard of living.
Many of us enjoy an occasional bedtime chat with a loved one who is far away.
The night sky was absolutely dazzling, and the millions of stars overhead enticed me out to enjoy them in secret.
In a strange twist of fate, the exact same brain circuits that allow us to enjoy life also fuel bad habits.
Unfortunately, the up-and-coming mathematician was unable to take in and enjoy the compliment.
We often enjoy doing the same thing to rivals at faculty meetings.
Enjoy your sunshine from any source in intelligent moderation.
Our society is already beginning to enjoy the fruits of this new form of information.
Neither party intends to inflict serious damage, and both partners typically seem to enjoy the symbolic exchange.
The participants enjoy exchanging ideas across disciplines and often they find surprising connections.
First continues to enjoy the intellectual appeal of difficult cases.
Senior citizens enjoy a wealth of time for travel and exploration.
For many families, skiing is an excellent way to enjoy the outside together, perfect for active vacations.
Visitors to the area can enjoy two state parks, numerous golf courses and renowned fishing.
From convenient beach access, to family-friendly services, you'll enjoy a comfortable stay and keep within your budget.
Snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing and diving are some of the many activities visitors may enjoy on the water.
The conventional way to enjoy them is to go hunting, fishing, hiking and camping.
Here, guests can stop and enjoy a slower pace away from the busy energy of the city.
Once dry, this coating actually protects and preserves your prints so that future generations can enjoy them as well.
Another good way to take advantage of the warm weather is to enjoy the park's pristine waters, by canoe or while fishing.
They seem to enjoy and accept what they call their fate.
Meerkats seem to enjoy a peaceful way of life: everyone living in extended family groups, all pitching in to help raise the pups.
Elephants are fond of water and enjoy showering by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it all over themselves.
Ask students what types of spices they enjoy in their foods.
In short, hybrid-powered vehicles enjoy the best of two worlds.
On a warm day, enjoy your food out on the terrace, with its killer ocean views.
Within three or so hours from home, you can enjoy beautiful beaches plus experience another culture.
Get a few tips from our experts on simple ways to enjoy the big world outside.
Find exciting new stuff to read-and write your own book reviews for other students to enjoy.
However, if you do manage to break through the ice, there is much pent-up and sincere warmth to enjoy.
Free buses transport hikers up to numerous high trailheads so they can enjoy a one-way descent.
Of course, you don't have to teach to enjoy your job as a graduate student.
If you actually get the job, you may well find that you enjoy the environment.
There are plenty of local or university clubs to enjoy the water while meeting new people.
Self motivated candidates who would enjoy the challenges of starting a new well-funded program are especially invited to apply.
No probationary faculty members enjoy a peer evaluation, even those who aced it.
After we'd had a few years to enjoy married life together.
Then find a practical way to make what you enjoy part of your work.
Their academic employment is renewed by contract and they do not enjoy the benefits of tenure.
You'll spend money on wine and cheese and enjoy some hangout time with friends.
Some explorers enjoy the thrill of probing an uncharted, underground wilderness.
When dancers and singers performed, only people in the immediate vicinity could enjoy the show, and they could be asked to pay up.
At the moment, the moralists enjoy a strong advantage.
Critics and skeptics, even those who comment here, probably enjoy many products that are the result of such an approach.
Of course, they don't enjoy all the abilities of a nation state.
In many of the cities for the short haul people actually enjoy going around on bicycles.
So it turns into a so called hobby that you only use to buy something with and never enjoy it.
While e-bikes don't change bad riding weather, they beat the heat and let us enjoy the outdoors instead of dealing with traffic.
The pair that visit the feeder not only enjoy the food but also seem expressively curious about the humans watching them.
As a result, tourists are not repelled as once they were, but instead enjoy city sight-seeing.
Throw in a mob of similarly indecisive and uninspired shoppers, and the ability to enjoy this time of year can go down the tubes.
But others enjoy feeding them, even though that's against the law.
Divers and snorkelers will enjoy views of the rich sea life here, as well.
We're especially lucky to have the chance to enjoy them this year.
Plant a vine near a patio where you can enjoy its perfume on balmy summer evenings.
Enjoy easy access to fresh greens with this easy-to-build raised planter box.
And enjoy the harvest in juicy pies, salads, and sorbet.
But in summer, the river is also a wonderful place for non-anglers to enjoy the simple pleasures of easy days and mellow nights.
Then enjoy a picnic that trades bugs and cold salad for a cozy sweater and great down-home food.
Your client receives a gift they'll really enjoy, and you add a cost effective marketing tool that promotes your business.
Oath begins, but before she might enjoy such balm, the docs had to harm her tumor.
To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it.
The construction and public sectors also enjoy significant investment in support of tourism.
And it is always purely meat-free so that everyone can enjoy it.
Scandinavians too enjoy a holiday herring salad but the north people make their salad all white.
Not simply eating organs for the sake of eating them, but feeling satisfaction in having found a way to enjoy everything.
It could take a good half hour for your order to be ready, so sit back and enjoy the show.
Most are active at dawn and dusk, while others enjoy midday feeding.
To sustain life in a lab, you need to enjoy day-to-day science.
Of course, the monkeys may simply enjoy the sensation.
And people with visual problems may finally enjoy that quaint old astronomical annoyance, the twinkling of the stars.
Despite the growing number of humans who seem to enjoy keeping tarantulas as pets, the spiders are mostly a mystery.
He'll enjoy a burger and fries for lunch, then have a small, healthy dinner.
These organisms enjoy being simmered in boiling-hot water.
It's important to bear in mind that you can carry this galaxy of microbes around and enjoy perfect health.
Enjoy before dinner after a long day of solving equations, or later at night between sets at a smoky jazz club.
The plants that grew in them created a rich stew of organic matter that a dense ecological web of animals could enjoy.
We learned that lady humpbacks enjoy long-lasting friendships.
We enjoy freedom of information, but information is not free.
Scientists are coming to accept, and in many cases enjoy, their enhanced status as entrepreneurs.
Or they simply surround themselves with poets and intellectuals, having learned to enjoy the more cultivated forms of flattery.
It is an absolute perfection and virtually divine to know how to enjoy our being rightfully.
Not drearily earnest-he enjoyed the acrobatics of intellectualism as others enjoy baseball-but morally serious.
Everything is fake, but the tourists enjoy the illusion that they are experiencing another world.
More deeply, the ideas that underpin monarchism would appear to enjoy scant support.
Readers whose teeth are not set on edge by the sound of grinding axes will enjoy it.
He could slop around, gossip with the locals, enjoy the waterfront-and observe.
Writers seldom give any sign that they are aware of the degree of freedom they enjoy here.
But the result is all too often flaccid radio, and listeners who have no idea what else is out there that they might enjoy.
To want to enjoy one's dinner is correct, but greed is not.
Something about the days that remain for us to enjoy.
Enjoy this new type of record entertain- ment today.
The movie's outrageous panache gave the audience license to enjoy the violence as lawless entertainment.
Most are people who simply want to run a small company, do work they enjoy, and have some control over their own financial lives.
In the meantime, enjoy the sunsets, and imagine what colors to capture them with.
Most kids enjoy games but have no interest in practicing a sport.
The whole family will enjoy the brightly colored flowers lining the meandering trails.
Others cannot rest content until they have explained, or tried to explain, why they enjoy it.
Visit several farms to determine what kind of work you would enjoy.

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